Quick Action On Skating Rink Saves Man’s Life

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They are known for their quick moves on the ice. But on Thursday members of the Hockey North American League are being honored for their life saving actions for one of their own during a game.

Stephen Spiros, 59, had a heart attack while playing goaltender for his hockey team at Kirkwood Ice Rink back on November 14th.

But it was the quick actions of two of his teammates and one opponent that made the biggest save of Stephen's life.

The night Stephen had his heart attack, a player on the other team, Craig Merriweather's first instinct was to locate the AED machine and bring it to where Stephen lay on the ice.

Stephen's teammates Brian Robinson and Don Guenther administered CPR immediately.

Luckily, Don Guenther was familiar with how an AED machine works and hooked that up to Stephen.

The two first responders that arrived on the scene said the quick work of those three men in those first critical minutes saved Stephen's life.

The city of Kirkwood recognized the men that saved Stephen's life, which according to Stephen, is only a fraction of the thanks they deserve.

Stephen was released from the hospital after a 6-day stay, and now wears a portable AED machine on his hip.

He says he feels good and wants to get back on the ice.