Kid Cancer Patient Auctions Art To Pay For Bills

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Liam Myrick is like most 3-year-olds. He likes cars and trucks and painting pictures. For now he spends his days and nights at Children's Hospital. Last July, his mom Shawna took him to the doctor after Liam became sick.

He was diagnosed with stage four neuroblastoma. Doctors had found a tumor on top of his kidney.

"When you hear cancer you have two choices; You either get bitter or you get better. I'm not willing to let him go." said Shawna Myrick.

Liam underwent excruciating chemotherapy. Just recently he had a bone marrow stem cell transplant on the 10th of January, which is why this brave little boy has to remain in this room.

The Myrick's are auctioning Liam's work on Facebook to help defray the costs of his medical expenses. The bills total more than half a million dollars. You can find the auction on facebook under The Miracle Boy 4 A Cure, Team Liam Page.

THis isn't the first battle for the Myrick family. Last year Liam's 6-year-old sister Natalie was diagnosed with an unrelated cancer. CURRENTLY the cancer is in remission. The bills are high, and they hope the bidding is as well for this little artists work.

"I hate the fact that he has to go through so much pain. But he's strong and he shows me how to be strong." said Shawna Myrick.

It's not often we learn a thing or two from a 3-year-old. But then, this one special little boy who happens to be pretty good with a paintbrush.