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Major Websites Protesting Proposed Internet Law

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The internet, an international computer network providing information to and from businesses and individuals. But come tomorrow some of it's going black.

"Websites like Wikipedia, Reddit, and Mozilla are going to go dark tomorrow in protest of the SOPA bill." said Web Guru Joe Millitzer.

that's right, if your wee little ones use Wikipedia to help with homework, they're in trouble. Those websites are on strike for 12 hours starting Wednesday.

"They don't like the bill because the bill sort of affects the whole internet culture they all came up with that remixes stuff and takes things from one place and remakes it into something new and cool, the viral kind of stuff." said Joe Millitzer.

Websites like Wikipedia oppose SOPA and the pending U.S. legislation saying it'll create punishing censorship. The movie studios and recording industry are behind the bill saying it will stop piracy.

Right now, you can find just about any video clip on the planet by going onto YouTube.

"The bill in essence just constricts that and make it so it's harder to do all the cool things you want to do. And people should be aware that it's a slippery slope. So the more you let those rights go away, you can't get them back." said Joe Millitzer.

Tomorrow you won't be able to use, or Wikipedia.

Before you get the blues, your homework is to research SOPA and see where you stand. Just make sure to do so before the clock strikes midnight.

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