Charges Dropped in "Knock Out Game" Case After Key Witness Misses Court

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Seven young people charged in attacking a local man while playing the "knockout game" no longer face charges all because a key witness in the case failed to show up to court.

Matt Quain, 52, was left lying unconscious in the street with a shattered jaw and concussion back in October. On Wednesday, he watched those suspected in the case high five each other after their charges were dropped. He says it left him feeling that his streets were more dangerous than ever.

Quain felt that justice had not been served. "It was just devastating. I felt a lot of anger and frustration," he said.

Mayor Francis Slay happened to be the first person to find Quain right after the attack. He is equally frustrated with the charges in this case being dropped. It happened after a 13-year old female key witness for the prosecution failed to show up to testify in court.

"I have no doubt that she didn't because she was intimidated. She was concerned for her own safety. And that's the reality," said Mayor Slay.

Mayor Slay also voiced his frustration in the reaction of the suspects when they were set free and sees a future concern from this.

"When they get away with something like this, and they're high-fiving each other, it emboldens them. They're going to be back out onto the street, and they're going to try and victimize someone else."

Matt Quain is feeling better every day, but now is disheartened that this “knockout game” attack incident now has another victim, the 13-year-old witness too scared of open court.

"Oh my heart goes out to her. And I'm sorry that things turned out that way," said Quain.

"We need to rally around witnesses as we rally around victims of crime,” said Mayor Slay. “Otherwise it's going to be difficult to bring people like this, the suspects, to justice."

Matt Quain said he's not as afraid to walk in his neighborhood as much, but the release of the suspects in his attack certainly doesn't help.