Police Cars Rammed, Bicyclist Run Over In "Chaotic" Drug Bust

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A chaotic scene erupted in north St. Louis on Tuesday involving police. There were several crime scenes and at least six were injured. Police shot two suspects after they ran over an innocent cyclist and crashed into two cars and a light pole. A third suspect was also arrested.

The suspects were so desperate to get away that they didn't care how many people got hurt. Just after 2pm on Tuesday at the Wellston, St. Louis city
border on Martin Luther King Boulevard undercover officers had their eye on a drug suspect who was spooked when he recognized the officers. Police say
it appeared the suspect dumped drugs out of his vehicle. Officers then cornered the suspects truck but the suspect tried to ram the officers cars. A
passenger inside the suspect's car also reached for what officers thought was a gun. Then the officers opened fire on the suspects. Wounding the two
passengers. The driver ran over a bicyclist, twice in order to get away.

The suspects were eventually caught. The bicyclist is in critical but stable condition at the hospital.

"Some of the suspects we deal with have no regards for officers certainly but as well as citizens endangered. Here's just a gentlemen on a bicycle who was driven over twice and at one point was trapped under the vehicle. The tires were literally sitting on his chest spinning as the suspects tried to get away." said Capt. Michael Sack of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department.

There were even more injuries after the suspects ran over the bicyclist. Everything came to an end about two and a half mile away.

At Aldine and Newstead police say there were people in the suspect's truck, all of them hurt. Two of them were shot by police officers. There are reports of two more minor injuries, as the suspect hit two more vehicles in his wild ride. They hit two cars at Martin Luther King and Kingshighway.

At Deer and martin Luther King, you can see where the truck took out a street light.

The driver continued on with a popped tire down Aldine with police in pursuit. The truck had at least 8 bullet holes, most, if not all from police gunfire. Police cut off the driver on Newstead, where he finally stopped. Two passengers, a man and woman, with gun-shot wounds. The driver was wounded from one of the crashes. A witness says that driver was screaming in pain when police pulled him from the truck with a wound to his leg.

"Once they got to trying to pull them out, I guess he got to screaming, because he was in too much pain. ... gunfire, that's all I know. He threw something out the window, I don't know what it wass. It was a crazy day, today." said witness Don Brown.

Police say none of the injuries to the driver and passengers in the truck was life threatening.