Negotiations To Keep Rams In St. Louis Start In 3 Weeks

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The first deadline is approaching on negotiations to determine whether the Rams stay in St. Louis.

While observers in Los Angeles are starting to say it looks likely the Rams could move back there. St. Louis will put on a full-scale effort to keep the Rams, starting in about three weeks.

It’s all because the Rams lease requires the dome to be among the top eight facilities in the NFL or they can move come January 2015.

On February 1st, the Convention and Visitors Commission makes its first upgrade offer to the Rams.

On March 1st, the Rams reply. If they reject it, the Rams have until May 1st to make a counter-offer.

The CVC has until June 1st to accept or reject it. Then it could all go to arbitration. If that fails by years end, the Rams could be free to leave.

Sources say the dome will try to entice the Rams to stay. Included would be larger dome concourses, giving the Rams revenue from parking lots and garages, install new mammoth flat-screens and new digital technology create so-called fan experience areas in the dome and maybe get money from an NFL fund set up to keep teams from moving.

The Rams might move to a huge new football stadium being built in downtown Los Angeles, being built by business associates of the Rams owner.

The negotiations start February 1st in just three weeks.