Jaco – Iowa And New Hampshire Equal America

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Did you know America is a country where almost everybody is white? A huge percentage of the population lives in small towns and on farms and the largest faith group, by far is evangelical Protestants? Yeah, it’s news to me too. But you’d be excused for thinking that since two white, evangelical rural states take a lead role in determining our next president.

With all due respect to the New York comedy troupe, “The Whitest Kids You Know”, that title is probably actually shared by New Hampshire, which votes in it’s primary Tuesday and Iowa, which held its caucus last week. In fact, right after the Iowa caucus, Andrea Micthell of NBC news got in some hot water with the conservative blogosphere. In analyzing Iowa’s importance, Micthell said maybe, just maybe, Iowa doesn’t represent the rest of the U.S. because it’s too white, too evangelical and too rural.
Wow. That’s like saying the Mississippi river is too wet to qualify as dry land. And yet people complained. It’s not like Mitchell said Iowa and New Hampshire shouldn’t have a voice. She merely noted that in a nation where Hispanics are 16 per cent of the population and African Americans are 12 percent and non-Christians make up one-fourth of the population, maybe how people vote in places like Iowa and New Hampshire isn’t the best guide to the nation’s political leanings.

But then again, New Hampshire and Iowa aren’t designed to be reflective of the country. The political circuses there are designed not to pick a winner. They’re designed to get rid of the candidates who don’t have much support and shouldn’t be running anyway; like Michelle Bachmann.

In any event, sit back and enjoy Mitt Romney’s New Hampshire victory Tuesday night. Then a week from Thursday, it’s on to another representative state, South Carolina; where they decided 150 years ago that treason is a really good idea.

I’m Charles Jaco and that’s Jacology.