Jaco – Americans Can Now Be Held Indefinitely

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Like the old bumper sticker says if you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention. Exhibit a, a little something congress passed and President Obama signed on new year’s eve that allows American citizens; that would be you and me, to be locked up indefinitely without trial, as long as they’re suspected of terrorism.

This surprising bit was quietly inserted into something that’s normally pretty mundane, called the national defense authorization act. Every year congress passes one, and every year the president’s signs one. Each defense authorization act provides oversight for how the pentagon spends hundreds of billions of dollars each year.

But this one expands on the patriot act passed after 9/11. The patriot act allows for the indefinite detention of non-U.S. citizens suspected of terrorism. This new defense authorization act extends that to include American citizens. Its defenders say it’s necessary so that Americans who support Al Qaeda or the Taliban or other militant groups can be held in places like Guantanamo the same as anyone else.

So where were we in the media while this thing was rolling through congress and the white house? We were covering the political horse race, or the Russell Brand-Katy Perry split or something else. We obviously didn’t have time to take a close look at a law allowing you or your neighbors to be locked up at Gitmo indefinitely on the mere suspicion of terrorism.

And where were you, the outraged members of the American public? Oh, I forgot. You’re not outraged; because you’re not paying attention. Or maybe we’ve all been so busy worrying about the economy that we haven’t had time to consider that we now live in a country where being suspected of terrorism could lead to your disappearing.

I’m Charles Jaco and that’s Jacology.