Chesterfield Man Testing Whether Shooting Squirrels Is Constitutional

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If squirrels are damaging your home, can you shoot them? A constitutional debate is heating up in Chesterfield. A Chesterfield man believes he has the constitutional right to shoot them, but some of his neighbors are complaining.

Gene Schenberg says squirrels have caused thousands of dollars in damage to the downspouts of his home. He says he tried traps, tree trimming and poisons but then switched to a pellet gun. Schnberg says that was an effective way of keeping the animals away, but a neighbor is complaining.

So now the Chesterfield city council is considering legislation that would ban the discharge of weapons within 150 yards of a residence to protect crops or any property in Chesterfield.

The Chesterfield City Council is set to vote on the gun bill on January 18th.