Jaco – Iowa Caucus Goers Determined To Pick A Loser

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR)— The good people of Iowa trudge through the tundra or corn fields or whatever they have in Iowa on Tuesday to attend their once-every-four-year political caucuses. This time around, it’s only republicans who get to have fun, since the democrats already figure they know who their nominee for president will be.

So who’s on the menu this time around? A bunch of people whose statements and positions show that the republican base voters are really angry. And as often happens when you’re angry, the voters may act before they think. Everyone realizes based on polls and based on their gut that Mitt Romney is the only republican who can probably beat Obama. If that’s true, why all the changing support for other candidates?

It’s because the GOP base, older white people, anti-abortion activists, tea party types, none of them think Romney isn’t angry enough. Some won’t support him because he’s a Mormon. Others won’t support him because he’s a Wall Street hedge-fund kind of guy. But much of the republican base is staying away because he’s not properly apoplectic with rage.

Check out the numbers. NBC and CNN are out with a couple of new polls. They show the most reliable elements of the republican base and the angriest elements want anybody but Romney. Examples? Romney only has 13 percent support among Evangelical Christians in Iowa. Ditto with people who say they’re Tea Party supporters, only 13 per-cent. Hard-core conservatives in the GOP are looking for anybody but Romney.

That’s why Herman Cain was in the lead before he self-destructed. That’s why Newt Gingrich was ahead until he began talking and people were reminded why they didn’t like him in the first place. Rick Perry was in the lead. Even Michelle Bachmann was doing well. Which is the great thing about hard-line republican ideologues. They’ll often support anybody except the guy who might win.

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