Jacology: Rams Lease At Edward Jones Dome

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MARYLAND HEIGHTS, MO. (KPLR11.com) — You might be forgiven for forgetting that St. Louis has an NFL team. The way the rams have been playing, it seems they’ve already forgotten. But let’s talk about the real meaning of professional football. It’s not wins and losses. It’s money.

In just a few weeks the St. Louis Convention and Visitors Commission has to make it’s first offer to the Rams, to keep them in town. According to the rams lease, if the Edward Jones dome isn’t among the top eight stadiums in the NFL, the Rams can pack up and leave town after the 2014 season. There’s no way the dome can make the cut, because of all the brand new stadiums with billion dollar price tags.

That means there are eventually going to be just two choices. Either the team decides it can live with a little more money and some dome improvements. Or the Rams leave St. Louis. There is a third option, for the Rams to build themselves a new stadium without any help from local taxpayers. But given the billion buck price tag, it’s not likely Stan Kronke wants to build a stadium without help from you and me.

So, where does that leave us? Probably with a fifty-fifty chance the Rams could leave. The convention and visitors big wigs know it’s structurally impossible to make the dome good as new stadiums. So they’ll offer sweeteners; like for example, giving the Rams revenue from parking at the dome. Right now, the teams doesn’t get a cent in parking money. Extra cash always helps.

But the Rams could stick to the letter of the lease; and if they do, well, January, 2015 could look a lot like January, 1988 when the football Cardinals left town for Phoenix. And the clock starts running when the CVC makes it’s first offer to the rams in a few weeks.

I’m Charles Jaco and that’s Jacology.

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