What Matters Most – Good Feelings

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Time for what matters most with life coach Dieter Paules and what matters most now is trying to keep the good feelings we have following the Cardinals world series win. What an example, when you want to change or remain in that state you have to stay positive; just like the cardinals did when they were ten and a half games behind in august and against all odds, went on to win the world series.

Dieter you say being positive is the only responsible choice in times of change. When you are positive you focus on what you can do and that's what the cards did.

The entire team was actively working toward the same goal. They were focused and active and played every game as if it was their last game. So, they were used to playing under pressure because; they knew that if they changed by remaining positive things changed for them.

Being creative is also a way to create the consequences you need. The Cardinals used the bull pen and were very creative with the pitchers they used. Again, it wasn't what everyone thought it could work, but instead of judging where you are. Because that makes you fall back on negative emotions, so go for it, like LaRussa did.

Try applying those things to make changes you want in your own life.