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News 11’s weight-loss coach Charles D'Angelo has a new book set to come out December 2011.  In “Think and Grown Thin”, he laid out the no-nonsense diet plan that helped hundred of viewers lose weight.  It is the same diet plan that has worked for him.  Before he was a ripped, health-guru, Charles was overweighthimself.  Actually, he called himself an unhappy and obese teen.  Charles turned to food to deal with getting bullied at school.

Coach Charles said kids like him are written off as lazy.  He said that myth is just as widespread as childhood obesity.   He fights to get rid of both.  He and Kim Hudson took The First Step.

Coach Charles:  "Unfortunately, if especially going into high school; it's a highly stressful time.  All sorts of awkward things come about at that time; a lot of what we call stress in western culture, right?  How did they deal with stress growing up?  How did mom and dad deal with stress growing up?  Well, it's lunchtime.  Hmm.  And that ice cream sure does look good.  And, I know if I eat that ice cream, then I'm going to feel a lot different after I eat that ice cream.  I'll feel good.  Every time I've eaten ice cream for the past 14 years, I felt good afterwards.  If that has become a conditioned behavior rather than, 'I will feel tired; I will feel totally unfocused;  I will be falling asleep during class the rest of the afternoon.

"Unless you learn how to disassociate emotion from food, you're obesity epidemic is going to continue to run rampant in our culture.  You need to learn how to change how you feel without indulging in such unhealthy behavior.  It's much like an addict, much like an alcoholic.  An alcoholic becomes addicted to these drinks, to this substance, to get a feeling.  And, it becomes so ingrained in who they are and their identity, that they find it difficult to break that bondage, breaks that link."

Kim:  "But, would you say that children seeing how their brains are still developing..."

Coach Charles:  "I think that they're forming many associations that can be extraordinarily detrimental to their future development."

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