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  • Could Greitens face indictment over Mission Continues donor list?

    ST. LOUIS – In April 2017, Governor Eric Greitens was fined $1,000 by the Missouri Ethics Commission for violating state campaign ethics law. Our news partners at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch obtained an email showing that in 2015, a Greitens employee at The Mission Continues charity emailed a donor list to two of Greitens campaign staffers. The Greitens team failed to disclose that the campaign obtained the list from The Mission Continues, the charity Greitens co-founded in 2007. That act […]

  • Illinois man wakes to find drunk stranger asleep on his couch

    ST. CLAIR COUNTY, Ill. – A Metro East man woke up Wednesday morning to find a stranger sleeping on his couch and a totaled car in his driveway. Alcohol and a windy, dark, country road in Lenzburg, Illinois appears to be the combination that led a man to crash his car in the front yard of Steve Guenthers. After crashing, the man went inside the house and passed out on Guenthers’ couch. “My roommate woke me up at 4 a.m. and […]

  • New administrator appointed for Missouri Veterans Home

    ST. LOUIS – Following several reports of negligence and abuse last year inside the St. Louis Veterans Home, new leaders were put in place at the state level and now, a new administrator has taken over. Theresia Metz is the new administrator at the St. Louis Veterans Home. She has 30 years of healthcare experience, comes from a family of veterans, and said what’s has happened there before will not happen on her watch. “It’s time to hit the reset […]

  • Dramatic weather turnaround poses great threat to plants in St. Louis region

    ST. LOUIS – We could see a freeze Monday night and that could cause homeowners a lot of problems with their flowers and trees. This latest killing freeze for plants or trees that we have ever had in the St. Louis area is April 15, but that record could be broken Monday night. Adam Guthrie, vice president of Baxter Farms, says the warm weather last week fooled the plants into thinking it was time to grow. “We have conditions like […]

  • Serial huffer arrested for eighteenth time but still can’t be charged

    AFFTON, MO – An Affton, MO, man repeatedly arrested for huffing, was arrested for the 18th time on Thursday.  Then he was released for the 18th time because there isn’t a specific law against “huffing”. In February, we showed you an alleged serial huffer caught on video by a customer getting high on compressed cans of air at the Richmond Heights Menard’s store. His behavior was bizarre and a bit scary. He paid for his cans and left. Since that incident, there […]

  • State of the art Bogey Hills Country Club to reopen in May

    ST. CHARLES, MO – Bogey Hills Country Club is getting close to re-opening. They have a new massive, state of the art clubhouse. In February of 2017, the historic Bogey Hills Country Club was destroyed by fire but look at it now! It’s just one to talk about.  It’s impressive. Angel Likens is the President and General Manager at Bogey Hills Country Club. She is the third generation of the family to run the club and she vowed to rebuild. […]

  • Missouri’S procedure for impeachment of an Executive Official

    ST. LOUIS – Should the Special Legislative Committee investigating the charges against the governor begin the process of a possible impeachment, there are several procedures that would take place. They come after the House Judiciary Committee releases their bipartisan findings which could be 200 pages. As Governor Grietens and his legal team await the house judiciary findings Wednesday, they are well aware of the what could happen next. Impeachment is not the same as finding someone guilty. According to section […]

  • ‘People don’t proceed with cases with no evidence’ – Gov. Greitens attorney responds after deposition

    ST. LOUIS, MO — The Governor’s team of lawyers are responding with force following the deposition of K.S. by another one of Greitens’ lawyers, Scott Rosenbloom. “Here, there is no pic and you have a witness who said, ‘I never saw a pic. I may have dreamed I saw a phone there. But, I don’t know if it was a dream or reality,” said Greitens’ Attorney, Ed Dowd. Dowd says if you’re a prosecutor with a one witness case, and your witness […]

  • Surprise home donation for American hero

    ST. LOUIS – For serving his country, a recently retired Army Staff Sargent was treated to the gift of a lifetime Friday. Marco Garcia was given the keys to a newly renovated, mortgage-free home in a Baden neighborhood. Led in by the Honor Guard, Marco Garcia and his family received a hero’s welcome when they arrived at their new home on Oriole, thanks to the Veterans Association of Real Estate Professionals in partnership with Bank of America. This mortgage-free home […]

  • Missouri bishops issue gun safety statement to lawmakers

    ST. LOUIS, MO — Archbishop Robert Carlson is joining the other three Missouri bishops in signing a statement on gun safety. It is directed at Missouri lawmakers. They say its time to talk guns. Archbishop Carlson was unavailable due to travel obligations but Mike Hoey, of the Missouri Catholic Conference in Jefferson City, says lawmakers need to listen up. “The attitude is you’re only safe if you got a gun. If our society is getting to the point where everybody […]

  • With Prop L failure, Francis Howell School District could be forced to make cuts

    ST. CHARLES, Mo. – Voters in the Francis Howell School District did not approve the passage of a tax hike called proposition learn. Now they face the strong possibility of cuts throughout the district. For the third straight time, voters in the district said “no” to a tax levy for schools. The district hasn’t been able to pass a levy since 2004. And now forced cuts could be coming. “Since 2016, the district has already cut $12 million and now […]

  • Sen. Durbin visits Boeing plant, praises deal for new planes

    ST. LOUIS – Boeing’s St. Louis facility manufactures the F/A-18 Super Hornet and the E/A-18 Growler, the premier attack aircraft in our military. Thanks to a new federal investment of $4.1 billion over the next four years, those production lines will keep moving. “What it means for the 14,000 who work in St. Clair, St. Louis, St. Charles…is going to mean longevity,” said US Senator Dick Durbin (D-Illinois). Durbin, the vice chairman of the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee, said Boeing and his […]