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  • Missouri concludes its 2018 legislative session

    JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The Republican supermajority in control of the Missouri legislature labels the 2018 spring session as “historic” and “successful” despite the distraction of the Greitens scandal. The House and Senate passed 142 bills, the most since 2014. House Speaker Todd Richardson said Missourians will feel some of the proposals in their pocketbooks and their paychecks. “This session has been the most successful implementation of conservative reforms in the history of this state bar none,” Richardson said. Republicans […]

  • House committee investigating Greitens meets again

    JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The Special House Committee investigating Governor Greitens met again Wednesday. The committee got its first chance to talk to the new members of Greitens’ defense arsenal for the special session. Edward Greim and Ross Garber are being paid by Missouri taxpayers to the tune of $660 an hour to defend Governor Greitens against possible impeachment. “Historically, impeachment is only for incredibly grave conduct that affects the government, affects the ability of the official to govern,” said […]

  • Initiative targeting government corruption likely to be on Missouri’s November ballot

    JEFFERSON CITY, MO – Missouri will likely see “A Clean Missouri” on the ballot in November 2018, a proposal to attempt to dilute the influence of lobbyists and big money in the state’s elections and the legislative process. Supporters submitted nearly 350,000 signatures through the initiative petition process to the Secretary of State’s office on May 4. One of the initiative’s early supporters is Sen. Rob Schaaf, R-St. Joseph. Schaaf is termed out and is leaving Jefferson City this year after […]

  • Lawmakers seek to put ‘Right to Work’ on August ballot

    JEFFERSON CITY, MO – Missouri lawmakers are debating whether to hold the statewide public vote over ‘Right-to-Work’ in August or November. Its crunch time at the Capitol, as lawmakers have until this Friday to pass a budget. The deadline to pass all other legislation is next Friday, May 18th. One of the proposals that could pass out of both the House and Senate is a bill to move the public vote over ‘Right to Work’ from the November General Election ballot […]

  • Misssouri legislature working on state budget and school funding

    JEFFERSON CITY, MO – Missouri lawmakers gaveled in Monday with just two weeks left to handle all legislation, but they believe they can press on and prevent the Greitens scandal from slowing down state business. Lawmakers took the historic step last Thursday to call for a special session to consider the impeachment of Greitens. Lawmakers told Fox 2 Monday that allows them to solely focus on legislation in the final stretch. The conference committee working out the differences between the […]

  • Missouri lawmakers react to second Greitens report

    JEFFERSON CITY, MO – Missouri House Democrats and Republicans held meetings with their respective caucuses Wednesday and Democrats came out of their meeting visibly frustrated. A few weeks back, when the first report was released on the governor’s infidelity, house Democrats asked that the scope of the special committee be expanded to include impeachment and introducing articles of impeachment upon finding of good cause. Still, the impeachment process has not begun. On Tuesday, St. Louis Democrat Peter Meredith filed another resolution […]

  • Republicans move forward to cut taxes

    JEFFERSON CITY, MO – Despite the drama with Missouri Governor Greitens’ investigation, Missouri Republicans say they can still get an ambitious tax plan through the legislature this spring. The Republicans who dominate the legislature here in Jefferson City say they want to build on the momentum on the federal tax cut from this year and they say they can give you a state tax cut this year without breaking the bank. Elijah Haahr, the next Speaker of The House, plopped […]

  • Missouri Legislature work session on the budget and school funding

    JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Missouri lawmakers returned to Jefferson City Monday afternoon hoping to get as much done as they can with only three weeks left in the spring session. The big task is to pass a state budget. The budget has gone through both the House and Senate, but now a team of negotiators from both chambers has to work out the differences. The House wants to provide what is considered full funding of the formula that determines how […]

  • State lawmakers push ahead with education agenda, despite Greitens investigation

    JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Missouri lawmakers say they’re pressing on and trying to avoid distractions from the Greitens investigation. But when it comes to education, tensions are flaring up between lawmakers and Governor Greitens.  Lawmakers are concerned the state’s school children could get caught in the crossfire. Both chambers were in session Wednesday with a normal day of floor session and hearings. The special committee investigating the governor’s affair and his ties to his charity also today. But once again, the […]

  • Missouri House committee expands its investigation on Greitens

    JEFFERSON CITY, MO – The special committee investigating Gov. Eric Greitens met at the Capital again Tuesday, after expanding its probe to include the governor’s ties to the charity he founded before running for office. On Friday, Greitens was charged with felony computer tampering for allegedly using a donor list from the Mission Continues to raise money for his gubernatorial campaign. The special committee met for about 90 minutes Tuesday. Once again, it was held behind closed doors and members […]

  • Substance sent to Sen. Chappelle-Nadal’s office determined to be non-threatening

    JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Two Capitol offices had to be shut down for hours Thursday afternoon due to the discovery of a suspicious substance in the mail. Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal, D-University City, was the target. Thursday evening, she announced on Twitter the substance was a “cancer-causing pesticide.” Capitol police have told the public that the substance did not pose a threat. “Every single senator is a target because of what they stand up for,” Chappelle-Nadal said. “However, because of the […]

  • Missouri lawmakers play charity softball tournament at Capitol

    JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Lawmakers are not letting the Greitens scandal postpone a chance to raise money for charity in Jefferson City. Every year, lawmakers have made a tradition of playing a charity softball game. There are about 10 teams, some made-up of members of both parties, and lawmakers say it can get pretty serious, with lawmakers getting injured in the past trying to stretch a single into a triple. The game raises about $5,000 for a local food bank. But […]