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Shawndrea Thomas is a reporter for KTVI's FOX 2 News and KPLR's News 11. She comes to St. Louis from Central Florida's News 13, where she was the weekday morning traffic reporter. Shawndrea holds two Bachelors Degrees from Arizona State University in Broadcast Journalism and Interdisciplinary Studies. Prior to working in Orlando, she was a reporter at WSYX/WTTE Columbus, Ohio and reporter/anchor at KWES in Midland, Texas. While in Ohio, she covered a wide range of stories including the "Streets of Speed" franchise where she exposed bad drivers and brought attention to chronic speeding, in order to make neighborhoods safer. Other major stories upon which she reported were a breaking news story about a student who threatened to blow up a high school, an in-depth report on a fire that destroyed Grandview's historic districts. In addition, she covered traffic issues and severe weather (including a record-breaking 21-inch snowfall.) Relentless in getting answers and results, Shawndrea also broke major stories and landed an exclusive interview with a whistleblower in a West Texas State school scandal. She spent her spare time hosting an R & B radio show.

Professionally, Shawndrea is living her dream, and she wants to help other journalism students realize theirs. She is also a member of the National Association of Black Journalists.

Recent Articles
  • Brentwood starts construction of new walkway to access Brentwood I-64 MetroLink Station

    BRENTWOOD, MO (KPLR) – On Monday work on a new walkway was started to make transit easier for Metrolink riders. For customers who stop at the Brentwood I-64 station access to the Dierberg’s Pointe Shopping Plaza at Eager Road is a welcomed change. More than 28,000 people use the Metrolink and buses every month throughout the St. Louis metro area. Parts of the west pedestrian ramp will temporarily close while work is underway. The walkway is funded by the Hanley […]

  • Cahokia resident’s questions village board about nepotism and salaries

    CAHOKIA, IL (KPLR) – At Tuesday’s Cahokia Village board meeting got underway security was tight. The room was packed with citizens who questioned the mayor about nepotism with recent hires, salaries and new rules on submitting questions before meetings. Locals also talked about allegations of voter fraud and Mayor Calvin McCall responded. ‘In any new administration you will have change just like the president has his cabinet I have my administration. Change is something that a lot of people have […]

  • Parents upset over school districts move to privatize Special Education

    BELLEVILLE, IL (KPLR) – On Monday night parents showed up at the Harmony–Emge School District #175 board meeting to decide if new privatized special education classes will be allowed in their public schools. According to parents in the district sequel, the company who would run the kindergarten through 4th grade classes has a checkered past. Parents are also questioning how fast the issue was pushed through the district, how the funding for the classes is handled and the lack of […]

  • VA seeks to expand Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery

    ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR)- The Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery is filling up and the final resting place for veterans needs more space. If burials continue at the current rate, the cemetery will be filled in just six years. That`s why the Department of Veterans Affairs has asked St. Louis County to sell a 38-acre portion of Sylvan Springs Park, which is right next to the cemetery. With these additional acres, the cemetery wouldn`t be full for another 17-years. However, expanding […]

  • Flag debate hits Belleville Police Department

    BELLEVILLE, IL (KPLR) – On Monday night about 100 people stood outside of Belleville city hall waving American flags because they believed the city’s police chief wanted to remove the flag from officer uniforms. However, chief bob clay says that`s not true. According to leaders of a Belleville patriotic group an officer released a July 7th internal memo from chief clay regarding a change to how the American flag patch is worn on uniforms. While some said it was a […]

  • Family faces unique challenge in dealing with summer heat

    CREVE COEUR, MO (KPLR) – A Creve Coeur family is dealing with the sweltering summer heat in an unusual way. 9-year-old Nathan Glodeck is a typical 4th grader who loves to swim with his family. He also likes to plays the piano, Mine Craft and Pokémon. However, when it comes to managing the heat his story is unique. Nathan has a rare condition called hypohydrotic ectodermal dysplasias, a disorder that makes it impossible to sweat. Nathan was has lived with […]

  • Thieves targeting St. Peters for car break-ins

    ST.  PETERS, MO (KPLR) – While temperatures are up over the summer, so are the number of people breaking into cars, and especially true in the St. Peters area. Officer Melissa Doss says they’ve seen a spike in break-ins over the last two weeks. At least 20 cars have been hit since July first. Garages are also part of the mix. “In one case they found an open garage door and found an opener from the car got inside of […]

  • St. Louis police respond to quadruple shooting in North St. Louis

    ST. LOUIS (KPLR) – The St. Louis police department is investigating a quadruple shooting on the city’s northside. The shooting happened around 8:45 pm near Orchid and Riverview Boulevard. Police say the four victims include a female with a gunshot wounds to the chest and neck, and another female with a gunshot wound to arm. Two males suffered gunshots; one with a gunshot wound to the head and the other male victim was shot in the shoulder.

  • plane crash

    Pilot survives as private plane crashes in wooded rural area

    MONROE COUNTY, IL (KPLR) – An Illinois pilot walked away from a serious crash that happened at around 3 pm on Tuesday after noon. According to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office a 19-year-old skydiving instructor was flying a 1950`s model Cessna when he had engine trouble. The pilot called in for help and was told to jump from the plane. Minutes later plane crashed into a bluff on Bluff Road just north of Steffen. He landed in his parachute about […]

  • Thieves hitting vending machines to support heroin habits

    ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO (KPLR) – It was a crime spree that spread across St. Louis County, the target vending machines on multiple floors at hotels and casinos. Police say Florida native’s 37-year-old Richard Willett, his girlfriend Jessica Nobles and her sister Samantha Cobb are the culprits. Between the three of them they racked up nearly 20 counts of theft, burglary, property damage and stealing charges. They used the thousands they stole from the vending machines to support their daily […]

  • Contestants cry foul, attendees go hungry at Budweiser burger fest

    ST. LOUIS (KPLR) – Sunday contestants from Saturday’s Buds and Burgers National Competition at Anheuser Busch say it was rigged and unfair because not everyone got a chance to sample the food. Bud and Burgers was a tasty one of a kind food battle at Anheuser Busch. But for competitors the event left them with a bad taste in their mouth. Five of the top ten contestants from across the country claimed the judging system of text messages was biased […]

  • Video: Driver hits 4 women in East St. Louis

    EAST ST. LOUIS (KPLR) – On the afternoon of June 27th, a group gathered in the middle of the street at Lincoln Park in East St. Louis to watch and record what appears to be an argument and fight between two women. Then minutes later suddenly a gray car came barreling down the street mowing down 4 people. Four young women went flying into the air. The twenty-something year-old female driver and a passenger quickly backed up and fled from […]


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