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Shawndrea Thomas is a reporter for KTVI's FOX 2 News and KPLR's News 11. She comes to St. Louis from Central Florida's News 13, where she was the weekday morning traffic reporter. Shawndrea holds two Bachelors Degrees from Arizona State University in Broadcast Journalism and Interdisciplinary Studies. Prior to working in Orlando, she was a reporter at WSYX/WTTE Columbus, Ohio and reporter/anchor at KWES in Midland, Texas. While in Ohio, she covered a wide range of stories including the "Streets of Speed" franchise where she exposed bad drivers and brought attention to chronic speeding, in order to make neighborhoods safer. Other major stories upon which she reported were a breaking news story about a student who threatened to blow up a high school, an in-depth report on a fire that destroyed Grandview's historic districts. In addition, she covered traffic issues and severe weather (including a record-breaking 21-inch snowfall.) Relentless in getting answers and results, Shawndrea also broke major stories and landed an exclusive interview with a whistleblower in a West Texas State school scandal. She spent her spare time hosting an R & B radio show.

Professionally, Shawndrea is living her dream, and she wants to help other journalism students realize theirs. She is also a member of the National Association of Black Journalists.

Recent Articles
  • Public Safety Director Daniel Isom resigns

    ST. LOUIS (KPLR) – On Wednesday Missouri State Senator Jamilah Nasheed confirmed that Department of Public Safety Director Dan Isom is stepping down from his job. Isom the former St. Louis city police chief was appointed by Governor Jay Nixon last September following the unrest in Ferguson and shooting death of Michael Brown. Isom and Governor Nixon issued the following statements: “It has been a great honor to serve as the Director of Public Safety during this important time, but […]

  • Fight over St. Louis County sale tax pool intensifies

    BALLWIN, MO (KPLR) – During Monday night’s Ballwin alderman meeting, officials voted and passed bill #38-71 for attorney John Hessel to act on behalf of the city in a sales tax lawsuit initiated by the City of Chesterfield. Officials in Chesterfield say they`ve been paying heavily into the St. Louis County sales tax pool and want to keep more of their own revenue. Meanwhile, other cities like Ballwin need the money and don`t want Missouri house bill 768 which would […]

  • Washington University helps beautify Skinker Boulevard

    ST. LOUIS (KPLR) – When you think about the winter in St. Louis it’s cold and dark; especially for students at Washington University. They spend time sitting at Kayaks Coffee and walking from the campus along Skinker to the Loop.  Now that walk has a whole new feel. The university installed and spent $2 million dollars on 104 new 10 foot tall pedestrian lights. They also bought security cameras and 6 emergency phones. Washington University official Cheryl Adelstein says the lights […]

  • Popular lash extensions can cause big problems

    ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)– A popular beauty treatment has many rushing to the beauty shop. We’re talking about false eyelashes. However, the small procedure can cause big problems if you’re not careful. It’s a beauty trend that’s growing by the day, lash extensions. And for some ladies it’s a permanent part of their beauty routine. Celebrities like Katy Perry and the Kardashians have their own brand of lashes and all of them are cashing in. Teara Norris has been getting […]

  • Adam Rieker, 34, of Troy., Mo.. used Snapchat to try to get nude photos, sexual favors from neighborhood children, police say. (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

    Police: Lincoln County man used Snapchat to solicit sex, nude pics from children

    TROY, MO (KPLR) – A 34-year-old Troy, Missouri man was charged Wednesday for allegedly using a smartphone app to solicit nude pictures and even sex from local children. According to the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, the incidents occurred in the summer of 2014. A 13-year-old girl told deputies that Adam Rieker sent her messages via Snapchat, offering to pay her for nude photos. The girl also said Rieker sent her pictures of his crotch. A 14-year-old boy claimed Rieker offered […]

  • 3D printing company doing amazing things in St. Louis

    ST. LOUIS (KPLR) – Abram Whitehead is a thinker, creator and one of three masterminds behind a small company with big ideas. It’s called Think a Little Bigger. The St. Louis based 3D printing company is the only one of its kind in the metro area. They make everything from memorial busts, and sculptures to art pieces.  All of it done with a special touch. One of Whitehead’s first projects was a plaster print of his newborn daughter from a […]

  • Missing DeSoto kindergarten teacher found

    DESOTO, MO (KPLR) – De Soto police have located a missing kindergarten teacher. Ann Vaughn had last seen on Sunday, February 8. When she didn’t show up to Vineland School Monday, police went by her house to look for her. They did not find any signs of foul play, but no one knew where she is. Around 8 pm, police announced that they had located Ms. Vaughn. She was found in her car on the side of a road and […]

  • Jefferson County man creates video game for Sony PlayStation 4

    MOUNT VERNON, IL (KPLR) – A Jefferson County man loves video games so much he took it to the next level by creating his own video game. 22-year-old Michael Hicks says he’s been creating video games from home since he was in the 7th grade and now after two-years of hard work his latest and greatest project “Pillar” got the attention of Sony for the PlayStation. The gaming giant is selling it as a digital download on the PlayStation Network. […]

  • Parents expected to announce plan to move forward after McKinley H.S. fight

    ST. LOUIS (KPLR) – Ronald Griffin has a junior at McKinley High School. He says his daughter is indirectly involved with an incident involving a fight and chaotic scene on campus last Friday. “Words cannot express how we felt when we saw the video. It’s demoralizing for everyone involved. Everyone is a victim including the kids that had nothing to do with it because their reputation is tainted. In the era of Mike Brown and Eric Garner we have to be […]

  • Parents outraged over attacks at McKinley High School

    ST. LOUIS (KPLR) – A second 16-year-old McKinley High School student says she was threatened last Friday and was part of a hit list. She says she gave the principal information on everyone involved before an attack later in the day. “I gave him the list from what I saw in the cafeteria on Friday. I said these are the people threatening me and my friends who are being threatened. I couldn’t believe a fight was going to happen instead […]

  • Change to state bills could help human trafficking victims

    ST. LOUIS (KPLR) – On Tuesday a modification to Missouri House Bill 368 was introduced by State Representative Kevin Austin in addition to Senate Bill 211. Both changes add human trafficking victims to the states address confidentiality program known as “Safe at Home”. The current list on the books includes rape, stalking and domestic violence victims. Survivor Katie Rhoades says keeping information concealed would help thousands move forward in the healing process. Rhoades was in Jefferson City as Missouri Secretary […]

  • Woman stops to save stranger’s life

    ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – Enrique Maraca and Marilyn Morris were complete strangers. That was until a twist of fate put both of them on a south St. Louis porch at Winnebago and Minnesota last Tuesday. The duo worked to save the life of Enrique’s girlfriend Taylor who was visiting from out-of-state.  At first a group of at least 10 people were at the home trying to save Taylor but none of them knew how to perform CPR. “She stopped breathing […]


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