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  • Radioactivity in storm water runoff not linked to landfill

    ST. LOUIS — Radioactivity found in storm water runoff from the West Lake Landfill is not linked to the landfill. Our news partners at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that it is the result of testing on samples collected during heavy rain in April. The samples found levels of alpha particles, more than allowed for drinking water. But low levels of radioactivity can occur naturally. EPA officials and the landfill owners say there’s no public health risk.

  • Mosquitos in St. Charles County test positive for West Nile Virus

    ST. CHARLES COUNTY, Mo. – The St. Charles County Division of Environmental Health and Protection said several adult mosquitos caught last week tested positive for West Nile Virus, making it the first positive test for the virus in the county this year. Division employees set mosquito traps across the county in June and will continue to collect and monitor the insects weekly until September. The St. Charles County Mosquito Control program uses this data to target problem areas with treatments. The virus […]

  • Monday Mascot – Grace

    ST. LOUIS – Stacey Switzer from the APA of Missouri visits KPLR 11 News at Noon with Grace, an adorable 10-week-old kitten. If you want to adopt Grace, just visit to the APA on Hanley Road. Here is the information that you’ll need: 1705 South Hanley Road 314-645-4610 Is your pet lost? Try looking at

  • Man charged with killing Southern Illinois University student is free on bond

    MURPHYSBORO, Ill. — The man charged with killing a Southern Illinois University student is free on bond Wednesday after pleading not guilty in court. Gaege Bethune, 22, is accused of beating and Robbing Pravin Varughese in February of 2014. Varughese ran into the woods after the attack. His initial cause of death was listed as hypothermia but a grand jury says his death was a “natural and foreseeable” consequence of Bethune’s actions. Bethune’s attorney worries he won’t get a fair […]

  • Where you can buy protective eclipse glasses

    HERCULANEUM, Mo. – The St. Louis Eclipse Task Force wants area school districts interested in obtaining protective eyeglasses for their students to contact the task force now.  The total solar eclipse will take place August 21st.  Protective glasses are needed to avoid eye damage that’s possible when looking directly into the sun. “We only really have a few more weeks before the manufacturers simply can’t get the glasses to us. They are completely slammed right now and so I think […]

  • Two Men and a Truck expert shares proper packing techniques

    ST. LOUIS, Mo. – As we near August, parents are also starting to plan for their kids’ big move back to college. Cathleen Jones, from Two Men and a Truck shows us how to efficiently pack items. She also provides some expert tips for moving during the summer heat, including how to box and wrap your items so they don’t melt or get damaged during the car trip.

  • The Doctor Is In – Understanding symptoms of heat-related illnesses

    ST. LOUIS – As temperatures rise, we have to be aware about heat-related illnesses and what precautions we can all take to prevent bad things happening to ourselves as well as to our neighbors as a result of the heat. Dr. Sonny Saggar visits KPLR 11 News at Noon to answer several important questions about heat-related illnesses. 1. What are heat-related illnesses? Exposure to abnormal or prolonged amounts of heat and humidity without relief or adequate fluid intake can cause […]

  • SSM Health Medical Minute: Developing a Birthing Plan

    Having a baby can be more than just delivery. Parents should look at pre and postpartum options. Are there birthing programs? Are there postpartum programs? Lactation consultations to help with breast feeding? If your baby has unexpected complications, is the facility equipped to handle the unplanned? Many hospitals now offer private rooms where you go through labor, delivery and recovery all in the same room. Family members can stay with mom. At SSM Health St. Joseph Hospital in Lake St. […]

  • Win a private food truck party courtesy of Guerrilla Street Food

    ST. LOUIS – The summer is nearly here, so why not let Guerrilla Street Food crash your summer party? Owner Joel Crespo visits KPLR 11 News at Noon to talk summer parties and an upcoming raffle for a chance to win a private food truck party.

  • SSM Health Medical Minute: Peripheral Artery Disease affects millions who don’t know they have it

    ST. LOUIS (KPLR) – Peripheral artery disease (PAD) is a narrowing of the peripheral arteries and a restriction in blood flow due to plaque buildup, most commonly in the legs, but also seen in the stomach, arms, and head. PAD in the lower extremities can cause cramping, pain or tiredness in the leg or hip muscles while walking or climbing stairs. PAD patients may also experience slow-to-heal or non-healing wounds on their feet. Worsening symptoms can increase risk for heart attack […]

  • Fulfill your summer shoe needs at West County Center

    ST. LOUIS – The summer temperatures are here and now is the time to get your summer gear together especially your shoes. Sean Phillips from West County Center joined us with some great deals!

  • Monday Mascot – Baby

    ST. LOUIS – Stacey Switzer from the APA of Missouri visits KPLR 11 News at Noon to talk about pet safety in the heat, and to boast about a beautiful baby appropriately named “Baby.” Baby is a German shepherd-pit bull mix and she’s between two and three years-old. She is shy when she meets new people, but she is a sweetheart and warms up to them quickly. If you want to adopt Baby, then visit to the APA on Hanley Road. […]