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Since joining FOX 2 News as a general assignment reporter in June 1985, Roche Madden has reported on stories from Saudi Arabia to the former Soviet Union to San Francisco.

He recently covered Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. Madden traveled to Saudi Arabia to report on preparations for Operation Desert Storm and how Scott Air Force Base was playing an important roll. In San Francisco Madden followed a group of St. Louis officials to California where they learned about earthquake preparedness. In Russia Madden followed troops who took part in Provide Hope, a program which air lifted food and medicine to the former Soviet Union.

In what he considers the highlight of his career, Madden joined Pope John Paul II as he traveled from Rome to Mexico City to St. Louis.

Madden won an Emmy Award for his reporting on flood coverage in the St. Louis area. In 1996 Madden won an Emmy for live spot news coverage.

Before coming to St. Louis, Madden spent five years in Tulsa, Oklahoma and nearly two years in Midland, Texas where he anchored the news.

Madden majored in broadcast journalism at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas.

Recent Articles
  • Hundreds of fish found dead at St. Louis County Park

    ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO (KPLR) – Hundreds of dead fish line the shore at George Winter County Park. Some fish look like they just died others as if they’ve been there quite a while.  Josh Riggs is a fisherman, “I was here two weeks and it wasn’t like this I don’t know what could have happened. Fishermen says most if not all of them are Asian Carp, they are big fish that take over Midwest waterways and jump out of […]

  • Marchers protest outside Ferguson police station

    FERGUSON, MO (KPLR) – Marches and protests continued in Ferguson until late Saturday afternoon.  Many people made their final stop at the Ferguson Police Department to tell police officers from a number of different communities what’s on their minds. They filled the street in front of the department. Cops lined up and for the most part remained silent as protestors shouted and screamed in their faces. Some of those one way conversations by protestors were loaded with profanities.  Some people went after […]

  • Three found dead inside a Jefferson County home

    FENTON, MO (KPLR)– Two men and a woman were found dead Thursday in a Jefferson County, Missouri home. An ambulance was called to the  600 block of Walnut Ridge near Fenton around 1:30 p.m. Thursday. Authorities say a healthcare worker went to the house Wednesday to check on a patient and no one answered the door. On Thursday the healthcare worker called the police. Police found a 64-year-old male, a 55-year-old female, and a 41-year-old male dead. According to  Sheriff Glenn Boyer, […]

  • Storm damages parts of central St. Louis County

    ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO (KPLR) – There was lots of damage caused by Monday’s late afternoon summer storm. Not long after the storm rolled through the St. Louis area crews in Clayton were busy cutting up downed trees and tree limbs.  Carla Rybeck lives a few blocks away in University City.  She said, “It was horrible you couldn’t see a thing.” Big pieces of timber covered the property in front of her apartment building.  Rybeck added, “Then all of a […]

  • Peaceful march held in Ferguson

    FERGUSON, MO (KPLR) – A march for peace stayed peaceful Tuesday night in Ferguson, although one man was arrested.  Officials say there are fewer officers at the command post and those numbers will continue to drop as peace continues to take hold in the community. Joseph Anderson is the President of 100 Black Men.  His group led the march, “We want to encourage the community to stay engaged to stay involved we want to increase voter registration we want to […]

  • Two killed, one injured in Granite City recycling plant explosion

    GRANITE CITY, IL (KPLR) – Two people were killed and a third was injured in a Granite City explosion at a recycling business.  Officials say a mortar blew up outside of a building at Totall Metal Recycling. Granite City Police Major Jeff Connor said, “The scene evaluation determined some type of mortar round appeared to be a cause of the explosion with this information it was determined the area was unsafe.” Scott Air Force Base Explosive Ordnance Disposal unit arrives […]

  • Protesters demonstrate outside St. Louis County Police Headquarters

    CLAYTON, MO (KPLR) – Demonstrators upset over the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown are marching in Clayton, Missouri. The protesters say they want the St. Louis County prosecuting attorney Bob McColluch’s office to release the following regarding the death of Brown: For the officer who killed Brown to be identified.   For the officer who killed Brown to be fired and charged with murder. They want the police department’s “Protocol Handbook” released to the public. They want the Ferguson Police […]

  • Screenshot_8

    “Snitches Get Stitches” message spray painted on burned-out QuikTrip

    ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) – An employee who was working the Quik Trip that was looted and burned told a terrifying story of survival. The 18 year old man didn’t want to be identified but he did say, “Terrifying very, very, terrifying. Madden says: tell me what was going through your mind. Worker: I thought I was going to die tonight, I really thought I was going to die tonight. His mother added, “I’m very thankful that he’s alright.” The […]

  • robbery_generic - File

    Three robbed at gunpoint downtown

    (KPLR)-Three people were robbed at gunpoint downtown Thursday night after walking to their car from Ballpark Village. Police say around 10:30 p.m. they were approached by two men with guns in the 500 block of Locust, about six blocks from Busch Stadium. The suspects demanded their cell phones and money. No one was injured. They walked back to the ball park to report the robbery. Less than two months ago in late June, a group of five people were robbed.  […]

  • St. Louis Count crime lab already paying dividends

    CLAYTON, MO (KPLR) – The St. Louis County Crime Lab has been open about nine months and already the people that work in the lab are making great strides.  The lab cost $10 million and employees say it’s worth every penny. Brandy Likes works in the chemistry section.  She said, “In the old lab we we’re actually working on top of each other.” The new facility is more than 3 times as large as the old 8000 square foot space. […]

  • Generic Highway Traffic

    Voters reject Missouri transportation sales tax hike “Amendment 7″

    ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) –  Missouri voters defeat sales tax hike that would have funded over 800 transportation projects. More: Missouri’s August 5th primary election results from FOX 2 News Voters got to decide on five amendments at the polls. But, it was the proposed sales tax increase for transportation projects that created a big buzz across the state. The vote “No” people tell me they`re not against improvements to transportation, they don`t like the way the make-up of the […]

  • metal detectors

    Metal detectors to be employed Tuesday at Busch Stadium

    ST. LOUIS (KPLR) – A new layer of security will be in place at Busch Stadium Tuesday for the Cards versus Red Sox game.  If you’re going to the game you may want to arrive a few minutes early. It’s going to be similar to airport security, you’ll have to empty your pockets of items like cell phones, but at Busch you can leave on your belt and your shoes on. Cardinal fans like Kevin Luebke are endorsing the addition […]


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