Since joining FOX 2 News as a general assignment reporter in June 1985, Roche Madden has reported on stories from Saudi Arabia to the former Soviet Union to San Francisco.

He recently covered Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. Madden traveled to Saudi Arabia to report on preparations for Operation Desert Storm and how Scott Air Force Base was playing an important roll. In San Francisco Madden followed a group of St. Louis officials to California where they learned about earthquake preparedness. In Russia Madden followed troops who took part in Provide Hope, a program which air lifted food and medicine to the former Soviet Union.

In what he considers the highlight of his career, Madden joined Pope John Paul II as he traveled from Rome to Mexico City to St. Louis.

Madden won an Emmy Award for his reporting on flood coverage in the St. Louis area. In 1996 Madden won an Emmy for live spot news coverage.

Before coming to St. Louis, Madden spent five years in Tulsa, Oklahoma and nearly two years in Midland, Texas where he anchored the news.

Madden majored in broadcast journalism at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas.

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    Alton residents angry over mail being dumped

    ALTON, IL (KPLR) – Alton residents waiting for important documents in the mail could be completely out of luck. U.S. Postal officials said a day’s worth of mail was dumped or destroyed by a substitute letter carrier. Eli Britton is a postal customer, “I think they ought to find a new mail carrier.” People who live near Alby and Lindenwood received letters the post office telling them to contact banks and credit card companies about what happened. Bill Gotlobb received […]

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    Woman dies after stabbing inside her home

    MOLINE ACRES, MO (KPLR) – St. Louis County police detectives spent much of Friday searching for a murderer after a 32-year-old woman was found stabbed to death in her Moline Acres home just after midnight. The victim, identified as Tami Allen, lived in the 9800 block of Wendell. Police said her boyfriend notified them she had texted him stating there was someone inside her house and she couldn’t talk. Police arrived and searched the home and found Allen “bleeding very […]

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    Math teacher accused of grooming child for sex with ‘Whisper’ app

    TROY, IL (KPLR) – Two Illinois communities located more than an hour apart are worried about the same suspect – a math teacher at Mount Vernon High School accused of soliciting a minor. Twenty-five-year-old Kevin Battas remains in custody at Madison County Jail under a $150,000 bond for indecent solicitation of a child and grooming. Police said the “grooming” charge means he used an electronic device like a cell phone to lure the eighth-grade girl from Troy, Illinois. They indicate […]

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    Belleville native turns table on would be armed robber

    (KPLR) – A video that’s getting a lot of attention on the internet stars a Belleville native; in this case he’s being called a hero.  David Dick is a Florida convenience store clerk who turned the tables on an armed robber. David Dick said, “I kind of went into my training mode. I had to get the gun away as soon as fast as I could and to inflict as much damage as I could.” A man with a gun […]

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    Catholic Church desecrated in Richwoods Mo

    RICHWOODS, MO (KPLR) – A Catholic Church is desecrated and one woman is now charged with burglary and property destruction.  It happened at St. Stephen Catholic Church in Richwoods.  The parish is historic, dating back to 1841. Toussaint Charboneau, the husband of Sacagawea and a translator on the Lewis and Clark expedition is buried in the church’s cemetery. Barbara Rulo is a parishioner. She said, “That’s how I felt personally violated because this is our home of worship.” 40-year-old Billie […]

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    Counterfeit “Xanax” pills contain fentanyl, could cause overdose

    MONROE COUNTY, IL (KPLRI)- Illinois State Police are issuing a deadly warning: drug dealers are now counterfeiting Xanax, a popular treatment for people who have anxiety.  The fake pills, sold on the street, contain a mixture that could be deadly. Monroe County Sheriff Neal Rohlfing says  Xanax is one of the most abused prescription medicines by people with addictions. Sheriff Rohlfing says, “We want the public to be aware. We want everyone to know the current dangers of this drug trend.” A photo comparison […]

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    Five in custody for St. Ann tool thefts

    ST. ANN, MO (KPLR) – St. Ann police arrested five suspects in connection with the thefts of a number of nail guns at the same big box store over a series of days. Detectives said the suspects were working alone and were not part of a theft ring. “Amazing as it is, they don’t know each other,” St. Ann Police Lt. Dan Cowsert said. Surveillance photos were released showing the alleged thieves in action. The weapons confiscated by police were […]

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    Charges, lawsuit dropped against Sunset Hills mayor

    CLAYTON, MO (KPLR) – The mayor of Sunset Hills is off the hook.  The prosecutor said he will not try him a second time on charges he hit a cyclist.  The attorney for the cyclist in a civil suit said he has also dropped that lawsuit. Prosecutor Bob McCulloch said Randy Murdick not only exaggerated but lied on the witness stand about a number of things.  McCulloch said, “The victim (Murdick) had significantly embellished the extent of his injuries and especially […]

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    Alton online prostitution sting nets several arrests

    ALTON, IL (KPLR) – Police have arrested seven men in an online prostitution sting. Alton officers posed as escorts on a website. They arrested the suspects after they showed up for sex. All are charged with solicitation of a sex act, a class “A” misdemeanor. The message from Alton Police is simple and straight forward. Alton Detective Emily Hejna said, “Prostitution in Alton will not be allowed it’s just not tolerated.” Police said prostitutes are no longer walking the streets […]

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    Tattered flag replaced after veterans call postal service

    NORTH ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO (KTVI) – St. Louis veterans move swiftly when old glory is discovered tattered and torn flying over a U.S. government building. This is what Paul Anderson saw Monday morning. A shredded American flag flying outside the U.S. Post office near Lilac and Interstate 270, it’s the branch that honors former Congressman Bill Clay.  Not only was the flag damaged it was tied to a nearby tree. Anderson tells me he was left disabled by his […]

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    Fire at the Double Tree hotel in Westport

    ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) – Crews are battling a two alarm fire at the Double Tree Hotel at Westport.  The fire is located at the top floors of the building.  Smoke can be seen coming out of a 11th floor window. One worker tells FOX 2 that he believes the fire may have started in a heating system.  They could see flames coming out of a vent. The fire appears to be under control.  Firefighters have a ladder going up […]

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    MoDOT snow plows involved in several crashes with cars

    ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) – The damages were piling up for MODOT after the first snow storm this year. At least three of MODOT’S plow trucks were involved in accidents despite all the warnings to give the trucks plenty of room. Fortunately, the highway department said no one was injured. The car and plow truck accidents happened across the St. Louis area. Sandy Baron saw the way people were driving when she was out and about, “People were going way to […]


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