After working in Los Angeles for nearly eight years, Patrick Clark has returned home to report for News 11 at . His work also airs on KTVI FOX 2. Patrick is an Emmy award winning television news reporter/anchor/host. He is most recently known as the host of HGTV’s “Offbeat America.” Seen in more than 100-million homes, the series on Home & Garden Television celebrates the offbeat spirit of America’s homeowners. Traveling the 50 states, Patrick uncovered the most amazing people, places and plants this country has to offer. “Tall and blond with sparkling blue eyes, the host you see on Home and Garden TV is the same guy you meet in person: an enthusiastic, easy-going, young man with a zeal for traveling and a gift for meeting people and making them feel comfortable.” (Decatur Magazine) Patrick’s gift of conversation with everyday people is evident as he interviews people with extraordinary life experiences. Before joining HGTV, Patrick was host of G4’s “Pulse.” The series took a weekly look into the world of interactive gaming and technology. He has also been featured on the ABC Family Channel, and All News Channel, and served as a correspondent for the Cartoon Network.

Prior to his hosting experience, Patrick was a television reporter and sports anchor in St. Louis at KPLR and KDNL. He has also spent time as an adjunct professor at Southern Illinois University, and he wrote a weekly column for the St. Louis Post Dispatch website. He began his broadcasting career in radio as an on-air host and program director at a children’s radio station WFUN.

A music lover, Patrick spends his spare time composing new music. In 1994 he released a children’s album “Moo Moo Vacation.” While working in television , Clark released two more albums: “None The Worse For The Better”, an album critics say, “Finds joy in unexpected places.” (St. Louis Post Dispatch) and “American Maid.” Among the featured songs were the title track ” American Maid” and the popular television station theme and Emmy Award-winner “The Night is Young,” which was used in St. Louis, MO, Dayton, OH, and Knoxville, TN. Both albums were released on the Tinker Records label. Thrilled to be back on St. Louis television and involved in the local music scene, his band (The Patrick Clark Band) will release their latest CD “Spiraling Towards Madness” in August 2010. A mix of pop, and singer/songwriter alternative rock. You can find more information at his website

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    North County bridal shop closing its doors

    FLORISSANT, MO (KPLR) – Nancy Wisneski is getting ready for her last big bridal gown sale Friday and Saturday. For the last 30 years she’s been helping brides to be find just the right dress and along the way she’s learned a thing or two. ‘Just listen to your inner voices,’ says Nancy Wisneski, Owner Bridal Connections. ‘That’s my best piece of advice.’ No more 9 to 5 for Wisneski after Saturday, her bridal connections will close for good. The […]

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    Belleville golfer to compete in World Golf Deaf Championships

    BELLEVILLE, IL (KPLR) – ‘As players we know when we hit a bad shot, we can feel it,’ says Wayne Ockovic, Former St. Clair Country Club Golf Professional.  ‘We can tell by sound when we hit a shot fat.  But he`s a very good player, a very accomplished player.’ ‘To think about speaking and not hearing yourself your own words is really a difficult thing to grasp at least for me,’ says Thomas Sipula, St. Clair Country Club Head Golf […]

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    Collinsville Catsup bottle gets new owner

    COLLINSVILLE, IL (KPLR) – A long-standing member of the Collinsville streetscape has a new owner. O`Fallon, Illinois businessman Al Bieri has purchased this warehouse and the big red bottle of catsup that comes with it. ‘Looking forward to bringing this building back and that it can come back and save it and be part of the heritage along with the catsup bottle,’ says Al Bieri, New Owner. Terms of the deal are undisclosed to one of the most well-known monuments […]

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    Toddler calls 911 after Arnold mother suffers seizure

    ARNOLD, MO (KPLR) – One important lesson a parent can teach their child is how to stay calm and call 911 in an emergency. For one local mother she is lucky that her three-year-old was able to do just that because it saved her life. Ethan’s mom, Ashley Rice, has epilepsy. She takes medication to keep her seizures in check, but had forgotten to take her medicine when she collapsed in her Arnold home around 10:30 a.m. Wednesday . “I […]

  • (Source: Humane Society of Missouri)

    Cat found impaled by arrow in Wildwood

    ST. LOUIS (KPLR) – A cat is expected to make a full recovery after being shot through the leg with an arrow, the Humane Society of Missouri said Wednesday. According to a spokesperson for the HSMO, the cat was found in a Wildwood barn late last week. The property owner said the cat would frequent several barns in the neighborhood and didn’t appear to have any specific owner. The arrow pierced the cat’s left front leg and went completely through […]

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    Launchcode takes part in tech hire initiative

    ST. LOUIS (KPLR) – It seems fitting that this former unemployment office is now the new Launchcode headquarters.  Tuesday afternoon interviews over Skype and in person took place to find the next potential information technology trainee. ‘St. Louis has several times now been used as an example of what can be done around alternative hiring and tech and how do you open up these jobs that need to be filled that employers need filled, to folks who have the skill […]

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    Arch Grants bringing start-up businesses to St. Louis area

    ST. LOUIS (KPLR) – A rainy day for most, but a bright future for these entrepreneurs. ‘Scopio is Getty images in real time,’ says Christina Hawatmeh, Founder & CEO Scopio.  ‘We’re the first solution to find and license images from social media in under ten minutes.’ She`s spent the last four years creating and honing her idea in the Big Apple.  But she sought out St. Louis to take a bite out of the start-up opportunities and community here. ‘It […]

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    Rock ‘n roll gravesite art exhibit at University City library

    UNIVERSITY CITY, MO (KPLR) – John Wegrzyn is a fan of musicians, even if they’ve met their maker. “It’s kind of fun to go visit the gravesites,” he says. For 20 years, Wegrzyn has been visiting famous gravesites, and now he’s opened an art installation called ‘Etchings of American Music.’ “Well, it is a connection with the musical artist because one thing they put out in their life is a record album,” says Wegrzyn. “I’m sure they pulled out a […]

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    Variety surprises girl with new wheelchair and van

    ST. LOUIS (KPLR) – The smile on Mollie Carter’s face says it all. ‘This is a very special gift to me,’ says Mollie Carter. Her new wheels, six on this power chair, and four on this new van are courtesy of Variety the Children’s Charity. When Mollie received word of her new power chair, the family began shopping for a handicap accessible van in June. ‘Almost ready to buy the van,’ says Sheila Carter, Mollie`s Mom.  ‘We were very close […]

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    New Baden man donates time to spruce up cemetery to honor veterans

    ST. LOUIS (KPLR) – A sidewalk separates the new Baden city cemetery and the St. George catholic cemetery. But it’s Marvin Spaeth who brought them both together and gave new life to these final resting places. ‘There were tombstones that were falling over, broken and busted lambs with their heads knocked off, angels with their wings missing,’ says Marvin Spaeth. He plotted out his plan of attack, pouring two foot by two foot bands of concrete ribbon, some 400 feet […]

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    Strange radar blip caught on weather radar over Carlyle Lake

    ST. LOUIS (KPLR) – In what was thought to be a weather phenomenon in Illinois, has turned out to be something people didn’t expect.  A large blip on weather radar turned out to be a large flock of pelicans at Carlyle Lake. FOX 2’s Patrick Clark has the fowl story.

  • promo270865002

    New book chronicles Cardinals baseball history

    ST. LOUIS (KPLR) – They may not have been in the World Series, but we are still celebrating our Cardinals Tuesday.  Treasures from the Cardinals museum went on sale today celebrating the team’s long storied history. FOX 2’s Patrick Clark has the story.


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