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  • 87 die from drug abuse in Madison County during 2017

    ST. LOUIS, MO — The drug epidemic continues to take lives in the metro east. The Madison County Coroner’s Office says that 87 people died from drug abuse in 2017. For the first time, fentanyl passed heroin as the leading cause of those drug deaths. Prescription drug usage came in third. The coroner’s office says they’ve already had two suspected drug overdose deaths reported in 2018.

  • Southwest Airlines offering one-way ticket deal this month

    ST. LOUIS – Southwest Airlines is offering fares as low as $59 right now. Customers can purchase $59, $69, and $80 one-way domestic and international flights to select destinations through Thursday, January 25. The offer is for a limited time only and applies to select dates.

  • C3 Fitness – Indoor cardio workout

    ST. LOUIS – Cason, founder of C3 Fitness, visits KPLR 11 News at Noon and brings a blood-pumping indoor cardio workout designed to get you sweating during these cold months. Indoor Cardio Workout 50 jumping jacks 50 Crunches 45 Jumping Jacks 45 Squats 40 jumping jacks 40 Jump lunges 35 jumping jacks 35 push ups 30 jumping jacks 30 burpees 25 jumping jacks 25 Crunches 20 Jumping Jacks 20 Squats 15 jumping jacks 15 Jump lunges 10 jumping jacks 10 […]

  • Teaching your children to understand, appreciate diversity

    ST. LOUIS – One of the most recognized days in the month of January is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day. With children beginning to understand differences as young as six months of age, it’s never too early for parents to teach their children to appreciate, understand, and value diversity. Steve Zwolak, CEO of the LUME Institute, visits KPLR 11 News at Noon to discuss the importance of children learning about diversity and how parents can begin that teaching process.

  • Where you can recycle your Christmas tree

    ST. LOUIS – Christmas has come and gone, so what do you do with your old Christmas tree? Officials suggests recycling it. The trees have to be free of all ornaments and decorations. The trees will be ground into mulch, or turned into chips for wood paths along walking trails. St. Charles County is accepting recycled trees starting Monday at six locations, including Laurel Park in St. Peters, Recycle Works (Central and West), Progress Park in Wentzville, and Founders Park […]

  • Recovery update for wounded Arnold police officer

    ARNOLD, Mo. – A small piece of positive news for the family and friends of an Arnold police officer who was critically injured in a shooting earlier this month. The family of Officer Ryan O’Connor said he remains hospitalized in critical condition, but his medications have been reduced and efforts to wake him could be forthcoming. O’Connor was shot in the back of the head while transporting a prisoner to the Arnold Police Station on December 5. The suspect then […]

  • Protecting your pipes during this cold snap

    ST. LOUIS – With bitterly cold temperatures across the St. Louis area, homeowners are advised to take steps to prevent pipes from bursting. Water officials are urging you to be vigilant in protecting your pipes from freezing. You’ll want to keep the water flowing down the drain and not on your floor. Don’t let ice lead to burst pipes. And when it comes to preventing frozen—and eventually, burst—pipes, a dripping faucet is not a bad thing. If you have pipes […]

  • Kirkwood postpones Winter Weather Festival due to cold

    KIRKWOOD, Mo. – The City of Kirkwood has cancelled its upcoming Winter Fireworks Festival due to the frigid forecast. The festival was scheduled for Saturday, December 30 but will has been postponed to next February. “Fireworks require a guarding of the perimeter,” said Donna Poe, Executive Director of the Downtown Kirkwood Special Business District. “Once they are delivered at 10 a.m. in the morning, that means someone has to guard this perimeter from several points all day long and we’re […]

  • SSM Health Medical Minute – Advantages of anterior hip replacement

    ST. LOUIS – During hip replacement, a surgeon removes the damaged sections of your hip joint and replaces them with parts usually constructed of metal, ceramic and very hard plastic. This artificial joint (prosthesis) helps reduce pain and improve function. Hip replacement surgery may be an option if hip pain interferes with daily activities and more-conservative treatments haven’t helped or are no longer effective. Arthritis damage is the most common reason to need hip replacement. This emerging technique to use anterior […]

  • Tools for Teachers Award Recipients Receive Extra $500

    ST. LOUIS – Fox 2 / KPLR 11 honored 12 teachers this year with our monthly Tools for Teachers Award.  Local teachers are nominated by the community for a chance to receive a monthly $500.00 award from Weber Chevrolet and to be featured on News 11 at Noon. On Wednesday, a handful of those 12 outstanding educators from 2017 visited the station to receive a surprise!  An additional $500.00 to support their outstanding efforts in their classrooms courtesy of Skip Weber […]

  • C3 Fitness – Being honest with yourself about weight gain, fitness goals

    ST. LOUIS – Personal trainer Cason, founder of C3 Fitness, visits KPLR 11 News at Noon and talks about being honest with yourself about weight gain and fitness goals over the holidays and new year.

  • Heartbeat stuffed animals for families of child heart patients

    A child’s cry, a child’s laugh; many parents have great memories of the first’s in a child’s life. One St. Louis family wrapped its memories around the sound of their child’s heartbeat—only the heartbeat—and they are using this experience to help other families of hospitalized children. Kelsey and Matthew Mercer visit Fox 2 News at 11 to talk about their mission. Kelsey, a nurse practitioner at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, gives heartbeat animals to heart patients preserving memory of her […]