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Chris comes to FOX 2 from KPHO-TV, the CBS affiliate in Phoenix, Arizona where he excelled as an investigative reporter. Chris won seven Emmy Awards during his eight-year stint at KPHO-TV.

Chris’ investigative work continues to be recognized through his tenure at Fox 2 KTVI where he’s been awarded an additional 11 Regional Emmys, including the “Investigative Report” honor in 2014 and 2015.

In 2015, he was awarded the investigative Emmy for his report on the David Cerna camera cop case. His investigation triggered the discovery, capture and arrest of a Chesterfield Police officer secretly recording video in a men’s restroom.

In 2014, he won the investigative Emmy for another story that later garnered national attention – the Betsy Faria Murder case. Hayes’ in depth investigation exposed new evidence, leading to a new trial and exoneration of Russ Faria, Betsy’s husband.

Chris has also won two regional Murrow Awards for his coverage of “Minority Contracting and Alleged Front Companies” in 2013 and “The Murder of Betsy Faria” in 2015.

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  • Pam Hupp

    Lawsuit dropped involving death of Pam Hupp’s mother

    ST. LOUIS (KPLR) – A lawsuit involving the death of Pam Hupp’s mom has been dismissed. It involved the mysterious Halloween night fatal fall of Shirley Neumann. Michael Neumann, Hupp’s brother, filed the civil lawsuit was filed in 2015. Attorney Dan Defeo said Neumann dropped the suit partly because of all the media coverage surrounding Hupp. The suit can still be re-filed within the year and Defeo said he believes the case has merit. Shirley Neumann fell from her third-floor […]

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    Judge featured in Fox Files reports will start six-month suspension next month

    (KPLR) – It`s final, a Lincoln County Judge exposed repeatedly in our Fox Files reports has been suspended without pay for six months. The Missouri Supreme Court decision came down today after a recommendation by the commission that oversees judges. Judge Chris Kunza Mennemeyer is known as the judge who presided over the first Betsy Faria murder trial. Mennemeyer kept jurors from hearing evidence about an insurance policy, as well as the money tie to Pam Hupp. This suspension does […]

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    Grinch stealing Christmas gifts left for trash collectors

    ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO (KPLR) – It’s an age old tradition to leave something for the trash collector every year. People leave gift cards, cash, and sometimes baked goods. Authorities in west St. Louis County are warning residents that they’re investigating a string of thefts targeting gifts for trash collectors. “I’m disappointed. I’m like, who’s the Grinch out there? I hope he brings all their presents back,” said Julie Abeln, who lives on the street where the trash collector gift […]

  • promo306722824

    Horse carriage owner says employee’s mistake led to horse drowning

    ST. CHARLES, MO (KPLR) – Wednesday night’s carriage horse drowning in St. Charles did not have to happen, according to business owner Greg Streeter. Streeter, who owns St. Louis Carriage Company, said the responsibility for the horse’s death is solely in the hands of the carriage operator. “The first thing I wanted to know: 1) Was anybody hurt? 2) Was anybody in the carriage? 3) Where’s my horse? I was thinking that this was all not real,” he said. Streeter […]

  • Crime-Police-Car-Crime-Police-Lights-Road-Street-web-generic

    Wild-haired woman evades Jefferson County deputies following high-speed chase

    JEFFERSON COUNTY, MO (KPLR) – A routine traffic stop Tuesday turned into a crazy chase scene with car crashes and a home invasion. The suspect? Witnesses describe her as a wild-haired woman who disappeared into the woods without a coat. The initial traffic stop by a Jefferson County Sheriff’s deputy revealed the woman had a warrant for felony drug possession. She reportedly drove off on Highway 141, topping speeds of 100 mph. Resident Bob Gebhardt saw the woman when she […]

  • promo306302059

    People out and about, even though authorities urge motorist to stay off area roads

    ST. LOUIS (KPLR) – Bitter cold temperatures, wind and freezing drizzle has combined to make roads, bridges and interstate icy and dangerous. Both MoDOT and IDOT, along with the Missouri State Highway Patrol and Illinois State Police to ask motorist refrain from traveling on area roads Saturday.  Conditions are deteriorating and authorities are closing some area roads, and on an off ramps to interstates. But that hasn’t stopped some folks from going to see the SLU’s Billikens basketball and the […]

  • promo306208251

    Grand jury formally indicts Pam Hupp in O’Fallon murder

    ST. CHARLES COUNTY, MO (KPLR) – A St. Charles County grand jury indicted Pam Hupp Friday for the August 2016 murder of Louis Gumpenberger. The five-page indictment includes counts of first-degree murder and armed criminal action. The St. Charles County Prosecutor’s Office charged Hupp in August, but wanted to also take the case to a grand jury. This means we could see Hupp in court sooner than we last heard from the courts. She’ll be arraigned January 9. Hupp remains […]

  • (Getty Images)

    Disabled parking sting nets woman parking with a dead relative’s placard

    BELLEVILLE, IL (KPLR) – Investigators have seen it all when it comes to people trying to sneak into a disabled parking spots. The person they caught today pulled the most common trick: using someone else’s placard. Illinois Secretary of State Police scoured the parking lots around St. Clair Square in Belleville, Illinois. Shopper Savannah Morris said she knows someone they can catch. “One of my exes actually has a handicap thing; that’s his mother-in-law’s. He used to do that all […]

  • promo304230591

    Puppy mill compromise drove hundreds of breeders out of business; inspectors still find problems

    (KPLR) – From reported sick dogs to kennels without a dry place for puppies to lay down, violations continue piling up at some Missouri dog breeding facilities. Meanwhile hundreds of large breeders have closed over the last five years. Kristin Akin recently bought a Goldendoodle puppy from a large breeder called Cornerstone Farms in Curryville, MO.  The Missouri Department of Agriculture cited Cornerstone in October when inspectors noted dogs “did not have a dry place to lay inside the building.” […]

  • promo304143774

    FOX Files: Former employee talks about Lincoln County’s treatment of Pam Hupp

    ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) – The FOX Files has received inside information about the early treatment of Pam Hupp after a 2011 Lincoln County murder. It comes from a former victim’s advocate of the Lincoln County Prosecutor’s Office, Cindy Denatale. She decided to come forward after Pam Hupp shot and killed Louis Gumpenberger in August.  Hupp claims she shot him in self-defense.  The St. Charles County Prosecutor charged it as a murder. Rewind five years to Betsy Faria’s murder, north […]

  • promo304058595

    Cigarette smugglers taking advantage of Missouri’s low tax rate

    ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – Smugglers are making thousands of dollars just by driving cigarettes from St. Louis to Chicago because tax rates make one pack of cigarettes $6 more expensive in The Windy City. Fox 2 News recently followed a suspected cigarette smuggler in north St. Louis. He was buying cartons of cigarettes from several places and even told one of the vendors he planned to take a van load to Chicago, where he might make thousands of dollars in […]

  • pam-hupp

    Pam Hupp’s unusual connection to cash found in murder victim’s pocket

    O’FALLON, MO (KTVI) – Newly disclosed evidence in the case against Pam Hupp includes an unusual connection police found involving $100 bills. It’s just the beginning of what’s contained in now unsealed search warrants, obtained by Fox 2 News. Officers served the search warrants after Pam Hupp said she shot and killed Louis Gumpenberger in her O’Fallon home in August 2016. Hupp claimed Gumpenberger, a man with disabilities, suddenly appeared at her home and threatened to kill her. After the […]