Chris comes to FOX 2 from KPHO-TV, the CBS affiliate in Phoenix, Arizona where he excelled as an investigative reporter. Chris won seven Emmy Awards during his eight-year stint at KPHO-TV.

Chris’ investigative work continues to be recognized through his tenure at Fox 2 KTVI where he’s been awarded an additional 11 Regional Emmys, including the “Investigative Report” honor in 2014 and 2015.

In 2015, he was awarded the investigative Emmy for his report on the David Cerna camera cop case. His investigation triggered the discovery, capture and arrest of a Chesterfield Police officer secretly recording video in a men’s restroom.

In 2014, he won the investigative Emmy for another story that later garnered national attention – the Betsy Faria Murder case. Hayes’ in depth investigation exposed new evidence, leading to a new trial and exoneration of Russ Faria, Betsy’s husband.

Chris has also won two regional Murrow Awards for his coverage of “Minority Contracting and Alleged Front Companies” in 2013 and “The Murder of Betsy Faria” in 2015.

Recent Articles
  • Officers reprimanded for covering surveillance camera

    ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – Four St. Louis County police officers have been reprimanded for covering a surveillance camera. You may remember the controversy that began a 16-week internal affairs investigation. It began back in July when videos came out showing St. Louis County police officers covering a work room surveillance camera. The videos were part of a St. Louis Post-Dispatch column which raised questions about whether county officers were doing a good job policing MetroLink. Chief Jon Belmar said […]

  • Suspect shot after attempt to carjack St. Louis investigators; officer injured

    ST. LOUIS, Mo. – There has been an increase in suspects committing carjackings with assault-style rifles in the City of St. Louis. Police say officers were investigating this crime trend Tuesday morning when a suspect pointed a rifle at them. Detectives with the Special Operations Division were parked in an unmarked vehicle in the 5900 block of Page. They were wearing tactical gear with the words “Police” across their chests. The officers were running plates on a stolen Nissan Altima […]

  • Investigators notice pattern in St. Louis area gun store burglaries

    ST. LOUIS, MO — There have been waves of gun store break-ins across the St. Louis area. During the last robbery, the suspects shot at a witness. This is at least the fifth gun store burglary in November. Three burglars smashed the windows at Southern Armory on Watson Road just after 3 a.m. Monday. The thieves stole long guns and fired shots at a witness who was working overnight at Harbor Freight Tools. Crestwood Police Chief Frank Arnoldy said they’re looking for […]

  • Illinois investigators show no tolerance for disability parking offenders

    ST. CLAIR COUNTY, Ill. – Illinois Secretary of State investigators scoured the parking lot at St. Clair Square, looking for people illegally using disability parking spaces. Kelly Di Maggio thinks she saw an offender park in a space she needed. “A group of teenagers pulled up and used somebody else’s placard,” she said. “They were completely able-bodied students walking inside the mall.” Di Maggio has a broken leg and a disability placard, but could not find a disability parking space. […]

  • Carjackers greet U.S. soldier home for Thanksgiving

    ST. LOUIS – A U.S. soldier returned home for Thanksgiving only to be greeted by gunmen in the streets of St. Louis. Armando Valenzuela was robbed Wednesday night while getting ready for the big family day. His visit to St. Louis was supposed to be a break from his service in the military “An SUV pulls up, guys come out with guns held up, and asked me for basically all my stuff,” Valenzuela said. “I told them chill out. I was […]

  • Police often respond to one store more than any other – Walmart

    ST. LOUIS, MO — A Fox Files investigation found Walmart demands much more attention from police departments, and often doesn’t pay extra for that additional help.  We began our investigation after hearing the town of Raytown, Kansas tried declaring their Walmart a public nuisance.  Raytown hoped that would get their town more police power since the Walmart there demanded so much help from police. Here in the St. Louis area, it’s easy to find news in the crime archives. “I […]

  • Pam Hupp wins delay in her murder trial

    ST. CHARLES COUNTY, Mo. – Pam Hupp’s own attorney said Hupp preferred keeping the April trial date. However, the defense counselor said Hupp understands the need to make sure they’re ready for trial and that she did not object to asking for a delay. So the judge allowed it. Hupp faces a first-degree murder charge, which came after her August 2016 arrest. Hupp allegedly shot and killed a man with disabilities, claiming he attacked her. Prosecutors said Hupp planned everything […]

  • Who’s driving your kid? Fox 2 finds school bus drivers with criminal charges

    ST. LOUIS – Fox 2 News found a school bus driver whose fatal crash cost the Wentzville School District millions. She’s still driving. The Fox Files found other active school bus drivers accused of hurting kids and other motorists. Our investigative team also found drivers facing criminal charges. The Fox Files began digging into court records after a Chattanooga, Tennessee school bus crash killed six kids last November. The district acknowledged the driver had crashed a bus two months earlier, […]

  • Pam Hupp wants murder trial delayed

    ST. CHARLES COUNTY, Mo. – Pam Hupp’s attorneys are asking to delay her murder trial. Hupp stands accused of luring a man with disabilities into her O’Fallon home, shooting him to death, and claiming he attacked her. She was charged with first-degree murder and given an April 2018 trial date, but her attorneys said they may not be ready and haven’t received all the discovery. The judge’s decision won’t come until next week; Hupp may not even have to attend […]

  • What’s being done to protect our power grid from cyberattacks?

    ST. LOUIS – Cyber attackers are constantly trying to hack our most critical sector – electricity. A successful attack on the nation’s power grid could potentially derail a train or shut off our water supply. Software company Symantec is tracking a cyber espionage group called “Dragonfly” that’s targeting North America and Europe in ways that could “severely disrupt” some operations. Symantec says some nuclear plants have reported being compromised by attackers. Investigators are also concerned about low tech attacks. Power […]

  • State of Missouri fails to follow its own water quality guidelines

    ST. LOUIS, MO — A Fox Files investigation has found the State of Missouri is not following its own clean water guidelines. Fox Files investigator Chris Hayes made the discovery after this report on brown water in Leadwood, MO.   Leadwood didn’t follow Missouri guidelines for water tank cleaning. Then we found Missouri was accused of similar shortcomings at state parks. We requested cleaning records for the water tower at Wildwood’s Babler State Park. With nearly 2,500 acres and 20 miles of […]

  • Pam Hupp’s story leads to change in decision about mother’s ‘manner of death’

    ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – The St. Louis County Medical Examiner’s Office has changed the manner of death of Pam Hupp’s mom; a major development after a series of Fox Files reports. A housekeeper found Pam Hupp’s mom, Shirley Neumann, dead on Halloween 2013. She mysteriously fell from a third-floor balcony. At the time, the medical examiner ruled Neumann’s death an accident. No police officer or prosecutor ever interviewed Pam Hupp about the incident, but Fox 2/KPLR 11 did in […]