Chris comes to FOX 2 from KPHO-TV, the CBS affiliate in Phoenix, Arizona where he excelled as an investigative reporter. Chris won seven Emmy Awards during his eight-year stint at KPHO-TV.

Chris’ investigative work continues to be recognized through his tenure at Fox 2 KTVI where he’s been awarded an additional eight Regional Emmys, including the “Investigative Report” honor for the last two years running.

In 2015, he was awarded the investigative Emmy for his report on the David Cerna camera cop case. His investigation triggered the discovery, capture and arrest of a Chesterfield Police officer secretly recording video in a men’s restroom.

In 2014, he won the investigative Emmy for another story that later garnered national attention – the Betsy Faria Murder case. Hayes’ in depth investigation exposed new evidence, leading to a new trial and exoneration of Russ Faria, Betsy’s husband.

Chris has also won two regional Murrow Awards for his coverage of “Minority Contracting and Alleged Front Companies” in 2013 and “The Murder of Betsy Faria” in 2015.

Recent Articles
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    Former addict awarded millions for what his doctor prescribed

    (KPLR) – Some addicts don’t need to buy a heroin high off the streets.  Two lawyers claim their client obtained potentially lethal doses by visiting his doctor. Attorneys John Simon and Tim Cronin recently won a $17.6 million lawsuit for a man hooked on legally prescribed opiate pain pills. Court records indicate the daily dose for one man rose from about six pills a day in 2008 to an average of almost 40 pills daily in 2012.  The milligram equivalent […]

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    South County man says mortgage company sent people who broke into his home

    ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO (KPLR) – A South County man, trying to save his home from foreclosure, says he found it burglarized by subcontractors working for his mortgage company.  You might not believe it, if he didn’t have video to prove it. When banks begin foreclosing on a home, it’s common for the bank to send someone out to make sure the property is secured and protected.  In this case, a homeowner’s video cameras appear to capture the opposite. It happened […]

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    St. Charles County mom gets 12+ years in prison for synthetic drug sales

    ST. CHARLES COUNTY, MO (KPLR) – Our investigations over the last five years led Pam Tabatt to ban Fox 2’s Chris Hayes from entering her stores.  Today she found she will be locked up for more than a decade. Former user Max Harris came to attend the sentencing. She said she wanted to see it, “just because she was instrumental in getting me involved in the drugs to begin with. I never would have started it if her and her […]

  • promo293255414

    Russ Faria sues Lincoln County law enforcement

    (KPLR) – In a lawsuit filed today, Russ Faria accuses the Lincoln County Prosecutor and several investigating officers of fabricating evidence during the investigation of his murdered wife. Betsy Faria was found stabbed to death in 2011. A St. Louis judge exonerated Russ Faria in November, 2015.  In 2013, a jury convicted him after a Lincoln County judge silenced evidence — a life insurance policy that went to someone else. Attorney Bevis Schock said, “If they`d looked halfway close at […]

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    Lincoln County ordered to pay millions to women abused by drug court officer

    LINCOLN COUNTY, MO (KTVI) – Earlier this week, a federal jury ordered Lincoln County to pay millions to four women sexually abused by a drug court lieutenant. It’s a case first uncovered by the Fox Files in 2011. Seven jurors decided Lincoln County should pay $2.25 million to four women. The women were going through drug court and came out with horrific stories from their contact with former Lincoln County Sheriff’s Lt. Scott Edwards. The jury agreed Lincoln County failed […]

  • promo292736020

    Jury awards 4 women over $2 million in sexual abuse lawsuit

    (KPLR) – A jury Wednesday awarded $2.25 million dollars to four women who were sexually abused by a former sheriff’s lieutenant. Scott Edwards is currently serving ten years in federal prison.  Featured in multiple Fox Files investigations, he pleaded guilty in 2012 to sexually abusing women he was supposed to be monitoring through drug court.  A jury today ruled in favor of the women who said the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office failed to supervise Edwards.

  • promo292540155

    Community rallys to support ambushed Ballwin police officer

    BALLWIN, MO (KPLR) – Blue ribbons hang outside Ballwin City Hall as well as the Police Department and mailboxes in West County neighborhoods. A steady stream of people has visited the Ballwin Police Department, hoping to show officers they appreciate their service. Ballwin Officer Michael Flamion was shot Friday morning after a routine traffic stop. He stopped convicted felon Antonio Taylor, who now faces more felony charges after reportedly ambushing officer Flamion, shooting him in the back. St. Louis County […]

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    Police looking for killer that gunned down 3 people, fired over 60 rounds in the street

    ST. LOUIS (KPLR) – A manhunt is on for a shooter, possibly carrying a semi-automatic rifle.  He’s responsible for gunning down three people, killing two of them. Police don’t have much of a description of the suspect, other than to say they believe he’s an African-American male wearing all dark clothing.  He reportedly walked up along Page Avenue in North City and fired more than 60 shots. It happened outside of Mama Minnie’s Market on the corner of Page and […]

  • Maverick Holmsley

    Jury convicts former Principia football player of sodomizing schoolmates

    TOWN AND COUNTRY, MO (KPLR) – A jury has convicted a former Principia High School football player accused of pinning down boys during sodomy attacks. On Friday, the jury heard frightening stories from boys, most of whom were 15 years old at the time. They described incidents of upper classmen storming their rooms, pinning them down, and jamming a pencil into them from behind through their boxer shorts. Four victims and one witness all pointed out Maverick Holmsley as one of […]

  • promo290215196

    Powerful testimony opens Principia hazing trial

    CLAYTON, MO (KPLR) – Tuesday in a St. Louis County courtroom, young teens described being dragged from their beds in the middle of the night at a summer football camp and being sodomized by other boys. It came out in a trial today regarding the reported 2014 hazing attacks at prestigious Principia school. Testimony was powerful from the very first witness  who cried on the stand, as his parents also crying in court as he described how football team leaders […]

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    Small helicopter crashes at St. Louis Downtown Airport

    CAHOKIA, IL (KPLR) – One person was injured in a helicopter crash Tuesday at St. Louis Downtown Airport. Only FOX 2 captured video of two men escaping the wreckage.  Video showed a student pilot helping the instructor climb out through a broken window.  They walked away arm in arm as the flight instructor limped. FOX 2 photojournalist Stan Dawid was just noticing the helicopter seemed to be flying extremely low during a training maneuver.  He said, “All of a sudden […]

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    ‘The reversals stand out’ – Betsy Faria murder trial judge has several cases overturned

    ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) – Judge Chris Mennemeyer was elected to the Lincoln County bench in November 2012. He quickly presided over a case that garnered national attention, the Betsy Faria murder trial. Since then, several cases under Judge Mennemeyer have been overturned by higher courts. Attorney Lynette Petruska said the reversals stand out. “I have to assume the judge was operating on a good faith belief that she was doing the right thing, but the court of appeals told her […]


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