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  • Task force aims to get worst criminal offenders off the street before summer

    ST. LOUIS – Law enforcement arrested more than 150 violent individuals across the St. Louis area this week in an effort to get the worst of the worst off the streets headed into summer. The US Marshals Service started a task force to tackle the violent crime that has been plaguing St. Louis. Supervisor James Tapp said the marshals have teamed up with the city police department, county police department, as well as other municipalities and government agencies. This week, […]

  • St. Louis native, ‘Love Connection’ host Andy Cohen visits home for Cardinals game

    ST. LOUIS – Celebrity Andy Cohen was in town Thursday enjoying a Cardinals baseball game with his family. The second season of the “Love Connection” reboot returns to Fox on May 29. Cohen said he used to watch Love Connection on Channel 11 growing up and pry into people’s personal lives at Clayton High School, so hosting the show was a perfect fit for him. Cohen even has an idea of how to bring St. Louis into the show. “I […]

  • Metro’s Most Wanted: East St. Louis cold cases

    EAST ST. LOUIS – It’s been 10 years since the murder of 30-year-old Raffiel Wade and 25-year-old Tommy Foster. According to police on May 30th 2007 they were called to a house on Boismenue in East St. Louis. Inside family members had found the two men shot to death. Police are also looking for information on the death of Jimmy Dotson. The 47-year-old was shot and killed on May 27th, 2012. Police said Dotson was driving in the area of […]

  • Homeowners face clean-up and insurance nightmare after water main break forces water into homes

    MARYLAND HEIGHTS, MO – A watermain break caused sewer water to backup into dozens of Maryland Heights homes. Monday morning over 20 residents in the Brookside neighborhood woke up to find about a foot of sewage water in their basements. According to Missouri American Water Spokesperson Brian Russell, there was a water main break on the street and that water can back up into storm drains and then people’s home. Neighbors have spent the past two days throwing their entire […]

  • Police on the lookout for suspect in Rock Hill robbery

    LADUE, MO – According to police on Monday afternoon a man was robbed of cash in the parking lot of Dunkin’ Donuts on Manchester in Rock Hill. The suspect then took off in a Red Chevy Impala and the victim followed him. Ladue Police Chief Ken Andreski said in the area of Old Warson Road and Kortwright the suspect sideswiped a school bus and then the victim hit the suspect’s car. Andreski said it was a Ladue School District bus. […]

  • Metro’s Most Wanted: CWE Assaults

    ST. LOUIS – Residents in the Central West End are expressing concern after two assaults and St. Louis police are asking for the public’s help in tracking down the suspects. In both cases, suspects knocked down very vulnerable people: one an elderly man, the other a deaf man. It appears the suspects did it for no reason at all. According to police, the deaf man was attacked Sunday around 9:30 p.m. near Euclid and Lindell. Five teens walked up behind […]

  • Lindbergh School Board hears proposals to reduce bullying

    ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO – The issue of bullying was front and center at the Lindbergh School Board meeting Tuesday night. Parents and students from a group called Upstanders presented their ideas to the board about how the district can better combat bullying. The group was started in January by parents talking about bullying and now has over 600 members. They have been meeting once a month to come up with suggestions for the board. Some of the ideas they […]

  • Small dairy farmers are disappearing as milk prices stay low

    LINCOLN COUNTY, MO – The Boedeker Brothers Farm is the last dairy farm left in Lincoln and Pike Counties, and come Wednesday the heard that was built over 80 years will be dismantled in a matter of minutes. The Boedeker Brothers Farm was started in 1936. Tom, Joe Bert, and Jim Boedeker have been working on the farm all their lives. A job they work seven days a week starting around 5 a.m. and ending about 8 p.m. Tom Boedeker […]

  • Event-filled weekend draws out-of-towners to downtown St. Louis

    ST. LOUIS – It’s a busy weekend in downtown St. Louis. Fans are making their way to Scottrade to see U2. It’s bringing in a lot of out of towners, some from as far away as Milan, Italy. Bono isn’t the only big event in St. Louis this weekend; there’s baseball at Busch Stadium. “It’s a good rivalry great times between Chicago and St. Louis,” says one fan. It’s bringing Cardinals and Cubs fans together for a little friendly competition. One […]

  • Decades-old traditional Collinsville dance canceled after threatening letter

    COLLINSVILLE, Ill. – A Collinsville dance that has been a tradition for decades has been canceled due to a threatening letter. This year would have been the 67th annual May Dance, and the theme was Cinderella. The Collinsville Tepee youth organization puts on the dance every year as their main fundraiser. Board member Tim Hasamear said they spend months making the backdrop and props for the dance. Unfortunately two days before the event they had to put the hammers down. […]

  • Police close to solving triple homicide in North County

    ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO – It has been one year since three people were shot and killed in North County and the reward for a tip, in this case, has now doubled. On April 26th, 2017 Andrew Green, Calvin Walker and Marquise Cooper were shot and killed in the 4500 block of Rosewood. Detectives said in the streets Andrew went by Drew, Calvin was known as CA and Marquise was called Boopie. Detectives said the shooting happened around 10 a.m. […]

  • County voters will get a chance to vote on new sales tax for zoo expansion

    CLAYTON, MO – Voters will get to decide if they want to pay more taxes to help the St. Louis Zoo grow. Right now, the zoo gets about $22 million dollars a year from city and county personal property taxes. An increase in the zoo tax would bring in an additional $25 million dollars a year giving the zoo a total of $47 million dollars a year from taxpayers in St. Louis City and County. It’s expected that the ballot […]