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  • Friends remember De Smet coach killed in south St. Louis

    CREVE COEUR, MO – De Smet High School football players took to the field Monday with something else on their minds. One of their assistant coaches was shot and killed. It happened during a possible carjacking early Monday morning in south St. Louis. Fox 2`s Katherine Hessel spent the evening with those who knew and loved Jaz Granderson.    

  • Woman races to help move wheelchair-bound man trapped in Kirkwood train tracks

    KIRKWOOD, Mo. – A very close call for a man whose wheelchair got stuck on the train tracks in Kirkwood was all captured on video. Julie Flanders and her brother, Chandler, were stopped at the train crossing when Julie noticed a woman running towards the tracks. They saw that the woman was running towards a man in a wheelchair who was stuck. Julie and her brother Chandler jumped out of their car. She said the man’s wife was trying to […]

  • No winner in Queen of Hearts drawing in Aviston IL

    AVISTON, IL – Thousands of people were in Aviston Illinois Wednesday night, but there was still no lucky winner for the $350,000 pot in the Queen of Hearts drawing. The card picked was the king of hearts, and now there are 14 cards left on the board. The City of Aviston has a population of about 2,000, but the night of the drawing the town’s population doubled. There were about 4,000- 5,000 at the local American Legion Hall. Local police […]

  • Alton woman charged with battery in child abuse case

    ALTON, IL – An Alton woman is accused of abusing three children she was caring for.  Kristina Solorio-Campbell has been charged with 3 counts aggravated battery after doctors at Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center discovered multiple injuries to a 4-year-old child’s head and body. The victim is 4-year-old Tomias Covington, the child of Solorio- Campbell’s longtime boyfriend Tommie Covington. According to Covington on Sunday morning he was hanging out with Solorio- Campbell in the basement of their home. Covington said […]

  • Evening storms cause some damage in Metro Area

    ST. LOUIS – Monday’s storms brought some much-needed rain to the St. Louis region, but it also left some storm damage in north St. Louis and in Alton, Illinois. Meanwhile viewers in some of the Metro Area were treated to some exceptional lightning displays.

  • Is the St. Louis region paying too much to keep small governments alive?

    ST. LOUIS – The Better Together Task Force held their first town hall meeting Monday night to get community opinion about a St. Louis City and County merger. Task force members said that the point of these town hall meetings is to ask the community what it would look like for St. Louis to become a prosperous first-class city. Better Together is a grassroots project that looks at how the fragmentation is affecting the region. They are the ones responsible […]

  • Local woman horrified to find deer impaled on neighbor’s fence

    ST. LOUIS – One local woman keeps finding deer impaled on her neighbor’s fence and with mating season right around the corner, she is worried she will encounter the disturbing sight more often. Amy Dubman’s neighbor recently installed a wrought iron fence with spear points. Last November, two deer were impaled while trying to hop the fence. Dubman said the worst part for her is to see the deer suffering as they hang along the fence. “This is something where they […]

  • Queen of Hearts drawing rolls over to $350,00 in Aviston IL

    AVISTON, IL – There was no big winner at the Queen of Hearts drawing at the American Legion Hall in Aviston Illinois Wednesday night. The pot was $280,000 and now there are 15 cards left on the board. This is the first time the American Legion Hall in Aviston has done a Queen of Hearts drawing. The post has also been selling 50/50 raffle tickets every week and after a month they donated their half, $8,000, to a nonprofit that […]

  • St. Louis alderwoman proposes new bill to define lawful protest

    ST. LOUIS – With protest continuing over the Jason Stockley verdict, Alderwoman Megan Green says right now it is up to the police to decide when an assembly is unlawful or not. So, she is proposing a bill to change that. St. Louis city Alderwoman Megan Green says in the past few years and in the wake of the Jason Stockey verdict it has become clear to her that the city`s unlawful assemble ordinance is too vague. Green is proposing […]

  • Conditions in Puerto Rico abysmal from those trapped on the island

    Hurricane Maria hit the island of Puerto Rico a week ago, but about 97 percent of the island’s 3.4 million residents are still without power and half don’t have running water. According to a local St. Louis woman who is living in Puerto Rico, people have been waiting in line for 16 hours to get gas, grocery stores are running low on food, and banks will only let people withdraw $60. Lines there are miles long. Dr. Madelyn Stazzone’s lived […]

  • Mall protesters address St. Louis County Council over police arrests

    ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – Local leaders called for an outside investigation into how St. Louis County police handled protesters at the Galleria on Saturday. About 30 people spoke to the county council about Saturday’s protest. They told the council they were disgusted by the way police handled the situation. Many of the people who spoke said there was no audible warning from the police to disperse. They described the scene as terrifying as people who they said were peaceful […]

  • High school football teams show support to slain mother, son with ‘Purple Night’

    WILDWOOD, Mo. – Students from high school football rivals Lafayette and Marquette both wore purple to their game Friday night in honor of a student and his mother, who were killed a year ago. Lawrence Strawbridge was a student at Lafayette when he was killed but he went to middle school with a lot of Marquette students. Lawrence and his mother, Tyra Shannon, were stabbed to death in their home in April 2016. Shannon’s other son, who suffers from mental […]