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I’m the Emmy award winning Executive Producer of Interactive Content for KTVI and KPLR television. My team runs the top websites and social media in St. Louis. I write a lot of breaking news stories, produce viral videos and manage our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

During high school I started working at KFXB-TV in Dubuque Iowa as a production assistant. After attending Webster University in St. Louis I landed a job at WRSP/WCCU In Springfield Illinois. Then, I made the move to a larger market at WSTR in Cincinnati, Ohio.

In 2006 I was able to move back to St. Louis to work at KPLR. Eventually I found my niche as the head of KPLR’s web department. I started working as a web producer at KTVI in 2008 after the stations entered a shared services agreement. Now, I am the head of the web department and a member of management at the stations.

Breaking news is now the focus of my attention. My team is often the first to confirm a story and alert our audience through our apps, social media and e-mail newsletters. We work with newscast producers to bridge the gap between online and on-air elements. My work during the protests following the shooting of Michael Brown led to an Emmy for breaking news.

Are you looking for an internship? I manage the program for the stations. We have had many talented students gain experience and go on to careers in broadcast news. Typically our interns work with the web department, help with the 9am newscast and shadow our investigative unit. Apply here.

Experience and experimenting with web content makes my days fly by. We throw a lot of spaghetti at the wall. Sometimes something sticks and goes viral. I enjoy touching so many people’s lives through their phones, tablets, browsers and televisions.

If you’re having a problem with the website I can help you find a story, fix a typo or get you in contact with our assignment desk. Please follow me on Facebook or Twitter to get an insider’s view into a newsroom.

Want to send me a news tip? E-mail: joe.millitzer@tvstl.com

Recent Articles
  • Celebrate ‘National Potato Day’ with Hwy 61 Roadhouse & Kitchen

    ST. LOUIS, Mo. _August 19 is National Potato Day! Bill Kunz, owner of Hwy 61 Roadhouse & Kitchen, joined us on FOX 2 News in the Morning to talk about the fun. His staff will be fixing Brabant Potatoes. Brabant Potatoes are Hwy 61`s twist on the New Orleans classic, fried hash browns tossed with onion, celery and green peppers which have been sautéed in Cajun butter, then loaded up with cheese sauce, sour cream and scallions. Hwy 61 is […]

  • Hazmat situation near St. Louis Community College’s Meramec campus

    KIRKWOOD, MO – A hazmat situation near the St. Louis Community College’s Meramec campus has been cleared. The driver of the semi truck noticed that a 55 gallon drum of aluminum chloride was leaking.  This prompted authorities to evacuate a nearby gas station. They also closed Big Bend from Geyer to the college’s entrance. Authorities have cleared the scene. They say the chemical is a non-hazardous mix of aluminum chloride. This solution is used to clean sewers and poses no public […]

  • Driver says ‘angel’ was with him as driveshaft came flying through windshield

    IMPERIAL, Mo. – A man survived one of the most bizarre and harrowing accidents you’ll ever see, as a drive shaft from a truck flipped up and speared the windshield of his pickup truck while he was driving along Interstate 55 in Imperial. Steve Montgomery, 56, of Poplar Bluff, claims an angel was with him. He has a photo to back it up. Montgomery said he was driving home to Poplar Bluff from a painting job in O’Fallon, Missouri a little […]

  • Where is Rally Cat? The Cardinals comment on the charismatic kitty

    ST. LOUIS — The Cardinals look to complete the four game sweep of the Royals Thursday at Busch. The redbirds fell behind early Wednesday but “clawed” their way back. They were trailing 5-4 in the sixth inning when play was stopped because a car wandered onto the field. A member of the grounds crew removed the kitty, but not before he got bitten and scratched. The very next pitch, with bases loaded for Yadier Molina, and the rally cat comes […]

  • Police chase from St. Charles County ends with crash near Moscow Mills

    ST. LOUIS, MO — A car chase that started near New Town in St. Charles ended in a crash near Moscow Mills. Police have two men in custody. We know that police were chasing suspects wanted for stealing a car from the Newtown. The pursuit went west on I-70 to Wentzville. That is when the chase took a turn onto Highway 61. The vehicle the suspect was driving crashed on Highway 79 and Highway Y. There was a small fire […]

  • Oprah: ‘I can’t accept myself if I’m over 200 lbs’

    Oprah Winfrey is all for self-acceptance, but she has her limits. “This whole P.C. about accepting yourself as you are — you should, 100 percent,” Winfrey told New York Times magazine in an interview for a piece titled “Losing It in the Anti-Dieting Age.” When it comes to being over a certain pound threshold, however, the media mogul said she just can’t do it. “For your heart to pump, pump, pump, pump, it needs the least amount of weight possible to […]

  • Fatal accident in north St. Louis County

    ST. LOUIS — Police confirm that there is a fatal accident at 11:40am near the intersection of New Halls Ferry Road and Netherton Drive. A Florissant officer identified a suspicious vehicle about a mile away from the crash scene. St. Louis County Police say an officer with the Florissant Police Department attempted to stop the vehicle. The vehicle started speeding away from police. St. Louis County Police say the Florissant officer did not pursue the suspicious vehicle. St. Louis County […]

  • St. Louis inmates get portable air conditioners after protests over oppressive heat

    ST. LOUIS — The city workhouse heat crisis cooled down a few degrees Monday. Portable air conditioners arrived to bring some relief for inmates and staff who have been sweating out a heatwave. Elliott Davis first broke this story on Facebook.  It went viral, grabbing the attention of the public, families of those inside, and ultimately got government leaders to take action. The trucks with the portable air conditioners began arriving at the workhouse Monday morning.  They should bring the […]

  • Police chase closes I-55 in Jefferson County

    ST. LOUIS —  A carjacking led to a multi-county police chase on I-55.   Police and the suspect exchanged gunfire during a standoff.  The suspect is dead and the southbound lanes of the highway will be shut down for several hours.  Traffic is backed up for miles in both directions. The suspect has been identified as Jarrod Kershaw, 31, of Pacific, MO.   Police say he is describes as a white male and was wearing a tactical vest during the entire […]

  • BJC hospital employee carjacked in parking garage; police searching for suspect

    ST. LOUIS – The search continues for a suspect after Barnes Jewish hospital employee was carjacked and robbed. It happened Wednesday morning at a parking garage near the hospital. Barnes Jewish hospital public safety authorities issued an alert that the armed robbery and carjacking occurred here on the 4th floor at the Duncan Central garage around 11 a.m. The SUV was later located abandoned leaving some employees concerned “It could have been anyone I just got here so it`s crazy,” said […]

  • Car crashes into roof of St. Louis home

    ST. LOUIS – A car crashes into the roof of a home in the 5900 block of a Lillian after 1pm Sunday. The occupant of the home was at the gym at the time of the crash. The car was speeding down the road and lost control of the vehicle.  The car launched off a hill into the roof of the home. It also appears to have damaged a neighboring home. Firefighters say the driver was trapped under the dashboard. […]

  • Anniversary of first police chase and speeding ticket in St. Louis

    ST. LOUIS — This week marks the anniversary of the first police chase and speeding ticket in St. Louis. Officers used their new “Skidoodle” wagon to apprehend the speeder. He was going 28 miles per hour on Union. The legal speed limit on St. Louis city streets was 8 miles per hour. The fine, $50. The police chase happened 113 years ago on July 13th, 1904. The ticket was issued on July 14th, 1904. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch offers an […]