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Jasmine Huda takes her love of news and the St. Louis community to Fox 2 News at 11 p.m., which she co-anchors with Shirley Washington. Jasmine joined The Fox 2 / News 11 team in January 2016.

Recent Articles
  • With prom season underway, police, schools urge students to watch re-enactment of mock DUI crash

    A dramatic, graphic video is grabbing the attention of teens. It’s exactly what police want. “A shock to them. You can see from the video, they really pay attention to it,” St. Louis County Police Department Sgt. Shawn McGuire said. The video features a re-enactment of a DUI crash on prom night. St. Louis County Police, the Fenton Fire Protection District, and the Rockwood School District partnered for the presentation last week at Rockwood Summit High School. The re-enactment is […]

  • New security cameras added to Forest Park entrances

    ST. LOUIS – A new feature at Forest Park aims to enhance security and safety for visitors. Each of the 10 vehicular entrances to Forest Park is now covered with a license plate recognition camera, as well as a surveillance camera. Lt. Brent Feig with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department said the cameras will provide real-time information of individuals who might be a committing a crime within or near the park. “I think it’s a good message to the […]

  • Police hope surveillance video leads to arrests after mailboxes, vehicle windows smashed

    CHESTERFIELD, MO- Police hope surveillance video will lead to arrests after several mailboxes and car mirrors were vandalized. The neighborhoods affected include Kittridge Drive and Hill House Road. On a recent morning, residents awoke to discover the property damage. “The mailbox was over by the sewer. I know it had to be something pretty strong to split the wood like that,” resident Kelly Uelhof said. Chesterfield Police Sgt. Keith Rider said more than a dozen car side mirrors were hit. Fortunately, […]

  • Wounded Arnold officer stands on two feet for first time since shooting

    ENGLEWOOD, Colo. – Thursday marked a breakthrough for an injured Arnold police officer. Ryan O’Connor, 44, stood on his feet for the first time since he was shot months ago. The moment was captured on video in Englewood, Colorado at Craig Hospital, where the husband and father of four is being treated for brain injuries. He was shot in the back of the head December 5 by a burglary suspect. Doctors were initially unsure whether O’Connor would survive. But specialized […]

  • Police warn about counterfeit money circulating across St. Louis metro area and U.S.

    ST. LOUIS – You might have fake bills in your wallet and not even know it. Fox 2’s Jasmine Huda spoke with police about a warning to be on the lookout for counterfeit money.

  • FBI warns parents about virtual kidnapping cases during spring break

    ST. LOUIS – A warning for parents whose children are traveling over spring break. The FBI reports this time of year is prime time for virtual kidnapping threats. In some cases, families have paid thousands of dollars, fooled into thinking loved ones were in danger. FBI Supervisory Special Agent Christopher Johnson said his St. Louis office is familiar with the crime, in which someone calls, claiming to be a kidnapper. Using personal information likely obtained through social media or the […]

  • Man robs restaurant, waits for police to arrest him

    CLAYTON, MO – It’s likely a first for the Clayton Police Department: a man robs a restaurant, and then waited to be arrested. Last week, Paul Borroni, 57, entered the popular restaurant, CJ Muggs, on Central Avenue. He announced a robbery to the bartender. “He said, ‘Give me your money, or I’m going to shoot you,” Clayton Police Captain Stewart Glenn said. “And he just stood there. And he said, ‘Now call the police, or I’m going to shoot you. […]

  • “Photo enforced?” City explains why signs remain after red-light cameras deactivated

    ST. LOUIS – The sign reads, “Photo Enforced,” but what is it enforcing? The answer: nothing. The courts struck down St. Louis’ red-light camera ordinance a few years ago. “It is no longer active. It hasn’t been active since about 2014,” said St. Louis City Streets Director Jamie Wilson, referring to a red-light camera that remains in place at Skinker Road and Forsyth Boulevard. Dozens of “Photo Enforced” signs are up in the city where red-light cameras were once in […]

  • Police to host meeting on how to prepare and respond to active shooter scenarios

    ST. PETERS, MO – Experts are offering free advice on how to prepare and respond to active shooter scenarios. The St. Peters Police Department will provide training Thursday evening. The department says the event is especially relevant given recent tragedies, including the mass shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida. The trainers say participants often ask a lot of good questions. “The hottest issue that people ask are concealed carry issue. Which is something that opens up to a […]

  • Fenton restaurant hosts St. Patrick’s Day fundraiser to support wounded Arnold officer

    FENTON, MO – A Fenton restaurant is gearing up for a big St. Patrick’s Day celebration. But this event is just as much about the luck of the Irish, as it is for the love of a wounded first responded. Fox 2’s Jasmine Huda spoke with the owner of 026 Bar & Grill about a fundraiser to support Arnold Police Officer Ryan O’Connor.

  • Arnold police officer’s family forms special friendship with Denver police sergeant

    DENVER, CO – The family of the Arnold Police Officer injured in the line of duty is taking his recovery one day at a time, more than 800 miles from home. But inside Craig Hospital in Englewood, Colorado, the officer’s family has found a special friend. The Denver Police Department’s Sgt. Bobby Waidler has forged a close relationship with O’Connor’s wife Barbara, and her children. Waidler is in charge of the department’s Bureau for Resiliency, Peer Support, and Wellness. As […]

  • “Upskirting” case prompts warning from Chesterfield Police

    CHESTERFIELD, MO – It’s an all-too-familiar disturbing scenario: a phone used to record videos of women in public places. A recent incident allegedly took place at a store in west St. Louis County. Surveillance cameras show a man entering a sunglasses store. At one point, he appears to turn on his phone and record video up the skirt of a sales clerk. “He began to try to walk behind her and he bent over, with the camera still on. She […]