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  • House Republicans pull health care bill ahead of vote

    WASHINGTON — House Speaker Paul Ryan sensationally pulled his Obamacare repeal bill from the floor Friday, a day after President Donald Trump had threatened to walk away from health care reform if he didn’t get a vote. After a dramatic day on Capitol Hill, Ryan rushed from the White House to Capitol Hill to tell Trump he did not have the votes to pass the measure, the culmination of seven years of Republican efforts to eradicate President Barack Obama’s proudest […]

  • What’s inside the Republican health care bill?

    NEW YORK – House GOP lawmakers are preparing to try to fulfill their promise to repeal Obamacare … or major portions of it. The House is set to vote on the legislation, called the American Health Care Act, on Friday. Republican leaders have already made several changes to placate both conservatives and moderates, but a number of members in both chambers remain concerned. So a lot may change before it reaches President Trump’s desk. Critics have ranged from conservative Republicans […]

  • JCC bomb threats: Teen suspect arrested in Israel

    JERUSALEM – A Jewish teenager was arrested Thursday in connection with a series of bomb threats that have rattled Jewish institutions and community centers across the US and other countries, Israeli police said. A months-long international investigation led to the 19-year-old suspect, who used “advanced camouflage technologies” to cover his tracks, police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said. The suspect holds dual American-Israeli citizenship, an Israeli security official told CNN. He was arrested in Israel after an undercover investigation with the FBI. […]

  • House Intel chairman: Trump’s personal communications may have been collected

    House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes set off a stunning new political controversy Wednesday by revealing that communications of President Donald Trump and associates may have been picked up after the election by intelligence agencies conducting surveillance of foreign targets. Nunes hurried to the White House to personally brief Trump on the revelations, after talking to the press but without sharing the information with Democrats. His Democratic counterpart on the committee — Rep. Adam Schiff of California — warned that his […]

  • Kochs pledge millions to GOPers in 2018 — if they vote no on health care bill

    WASHINGTON — In a last-minute effort to sink the Republican health care bill, a powerful network of conservative donors said Wednesday it would create a new fund for Republican 2018 reelection races — but they’ll only open it up to GOPers who vote against the bill. The advocacy groups helmed by Charles and David Koch have unveiled a new pool of money for advertisements, field programs and mailings that would exclude those who vote for the health care bill they […]

  • Poll: 37% approve of Trump’s job performance

    WASHINGTON – Only 37% say they approve of President Donald Trump’s job performance, with 56% saying they do not, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday. That’s a few points lower than his standing earlier in March, when 41% said they were fans of his presidency. Just 4-in-10 voters say they think Trump cares about average Americans. That’s compared to about 57% of Americans who feel he does not, a reminder of his unpopularity during the opening months of […]

  • WWII vet wins lottery on 94th birthday

    Ervin Smolinski has a birthday tradition — he gets lottery tickets as presents. It started when he began buying his family tickets as birthday presents, and they started returning the favor. For his 94th birthday, the WWII vet’s goodwill effort turned into $300,000 of cold, hard cash. “Every month, I buy some instant tickets and send them as gifts to family members who have birthdays that month,” Smolinski told MLive. “It’s turned in to a bit of a tradition, and […]

  • Upstate New York gets $2.3 billion gift in Republican health care bill

    NEW YORK — The House Republicans’ health care bill now provides an unusual sweetheart deal for upstate New York and Long Island. In an effort to woo Republican lawmakers in the state, House leaders have agreed to an amendment that would block the federal government from reimbursing state Medicaid funds raised by local governments. The provision is worded so that it only applies to New York State. In New York, counties outside of New York City send $2.3 billion to […]

  • Ivanka Trump to get top security clearance and office, WH official says

    WASHINGTON — Ivanka Trump will work out of an office in the West Wing and get a security clearance, a White House official told CNN Monday. The official also confirmed Trump will receive government-provided communication devices, although she will not be a government employee. The move places President Donald Trump’s eldest daughter — long one of his closest advisers — at the center of his administration. Asked at a press briefing on Tuesday about the matter, White House press secretary […]

  • Gorsuch: Criticism of judges, including Trump’s, ‘disheartening’

    Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch criticized Tuesday President Donald Trump’s attacks on the federal judge who blocked his administration’s travel ban, saying for the first time publicly that he found them “disheartening” and “demoralizing.” Gorsuch previously made those comments in private conversations with senators, but Tuesday marked the first time he went on the record with his disapproval of the president’s rhetoric when he called US District Judge James L. Robart a “so-called judge.” “When anyone criticizes the honesty, integrity, […]

  • Police: At least 40 people watched teen’s sexual assault on Facebook Live

    Chicago Police are searching for as many as six people involved in the sexual assault of a teenage girl that was broadcast on Facebook Live, a police spokesman said. The video shows at least five to six males — some possibly juveniles — sexually assaulting the 15-year-old, police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said. At least 40 people were watching the live stream at one point and no one called police, Guglielmi said. The video came to light after the girl’s mother […]

  • Boy with skin disorder befriends dog with same condition

    CANBY, Ore. – An 8-year-old Arkansas boy with a rare skin disorder met a dog in Oregon with the same condition and it’s something the boy and his mom say they will never forget. Carter Blanchard and Rowdy, a black Lab, are connected through the white spots caused by vitiligo, a disorder without a known cause that destroys pigment-producing cells. UPDATE ON ROWDY . Rowdy saw a neurologist in the ER today. They are not sure if it was a […]