“Maull it” a St. Louis tradition, may have come to an end

ST. LOUIS – The end may be near for a St. Louis barbecuing staple.

The Maull's barbecue sauce plant in St. Louis has stopped filling orders.

Maull’s is like the Ted Drewes of St. Louis barbecue sauce.

People who used to live here are known to have friends ship it to them, coast to coast.

Now, the St. Louis plant looks like it's closed and court documents suggest trouble for Maull's.

Like the sauces themselves, the old Maull’s ad jingle has stuck with St. Louis and become part of the vocabulary:  “Maull it!”

“Baste it on there, Maull’s all day, Summer barbecues with my aunt,” said Jeanitta Perkins of Maplewood.  “Maull it,” she laughed.

Though grocery store shelves are still stocked with the 8 varieties there are concerns about how long supplies will last.

Maull’s website visitors are greeted with a banner saying “…unable to process any orders”.

The Maull’s plant north of downtown St. Louis appears to be shut down.  No one answers the phone.

Two recent court judgments against Maull’s, one for a food broker and another for a transportation company total nearly $90,000.

Both were both awarded after representatives from Maull’s repeatedly failed to show up in court.

Maull’s fans are feeling nostalgic and more than anything worried, this may be the end of the historic sauce, which dates to 1926 and is hailed as America’s oldest.

“I love Maull’s, grew up on it,” said Alton native, Brad Kamp.  “It’s what my mom always made our barbecue with.  We always had a gallon of it in the refrigerator.  It’s good stuff. I can’t believe it’s going away…I might have to stock up”.

There's no word on whether this is a temporary closure or how many workers may be impacted.  We've found no bankruptcy filing.  Maull’s is family owned.  We’ve reached out to company officials but have not yet gotten a response.