How will Trump’s travel ban affect refugees coming to St. Louis?

ST. LOUIS - The Gateway City has long been a gateway for refugees fleeing their respective countries around the world.

However, Anna Crosslin, president and CEO of the International Institute, says the number of refugees moving to St. Louis is dropping dramatically due to the Trump Administration's travel ban.

"This last year just finished at the end of September, we were down 640 refugees total. Next year, we're projecting fewer than 400 arrivals," she said.

Crosslin said the downward trend started early this year.

"There's been a sharp decline in the number of refugees coming to St. Louis after January 27,” she said. “Our current president's announcement of a ban on refugees (and) arrivals for a period of months.”

In 2015, the International Institute sponsored more than eleven hundred refugees and helped them gain access to jobs, housing and education.

The third version of the Trump Administration's travel ban affects foreign nationals from eight countries: North Korea, Chad, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Venezuela, Libya, and Iran. While the U.S. Supreme Court allowed the ban to go into effect, several states are challenging the law.