St. Louis residents discuss horrifying moments in Las Vegas

BRIDGETON, Mo. _People from the St. Louis area who were in Las Vegas and are now returning are telling frightening stories about being there when the massacre happened at the country music concert. The first flight this morning from Las Vegas into Lambert Airport arrived there about 5a.m.

It was a Frontier flight.

The passengers on board were still clearly shaken from what they went through in Las Vegas. We talked with several passengers who were very close to the scene of the massacre and heard the shots going off.

One man told FOX 2 he actually saw a police officer fall on a woman after it appeared the officer had been shot. Other passengers told us they saw people bloodied basically running for their lives.

Everyone described the scene as terrifying. People also talked about masses of people running into hotels and the hotels going on lockdown.

Many people we talked still appeared to be in some shock about the horrible incident and how they are now part of a terrifying piece of American history.