Largest School District in St. Louis County Gearing Up to celebrate Eclispe Day

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CHESTERFIELD, Mo. - Time is almost out and the count down is on with just hours left until the total solar eclipse on Monday. While many schools in the St. Louis area have canceled classes, the largest school district in St. Louis County will have school Monday.

Rockwood School District School Superintendent Dr. Erick Knost says he and his staff thought long and hard about how to handle the day of the eclipse. They plan to turn the day into an educational and historical day for all grade levels. For more than a year, Rockwood officials have been planning for Monday August 21, 2017.

Discussions and materials about the eclipse have been available to students. The district website has a special page dedicated to the event.

If parents want their child to stay home on Monday, it will be considered an excused absence, as long as a parent calls the school ahead of time. The superintendent say teachers and staff  want to embrace the day and the historic moment with their students.

"I know if I don`t have school on what`s a typical calendar school day it puts a lot parents in a bind. It puts a lot of students unsupervised. We know it will be a challenge to handle this but it will be exciting. It will be educational and it just seems like the right thing to do to give parent that option to have kids in school like they normally would on a Monday, " said Dr. Knost.

The district has purchased safe eclipse viewing  glasses for all of its 22,000 students and staff.​