Music lovers enjoy the Burbs Music & Arts Festival in Chesterfield

CHESTERFIELD, MO - No matter if its Soul, Pop/Rock, or electronic dance music, visitors were having the time of their lives at the Burbs Music & Arts Festival in Chesterfield.

There’s an ample amount of good food and cold beer.  However, there’s one thing people couldn’t get their hands on – sunshine.

What’s normally temperatures in the nineties, turned out to be cooler than some people expected.

“It’s kind of chilly out, but it’s been a good time,” Tracy Nishimura said.

“It’s beautiful, it’s beautiful! Absolutely love it!” Shavra Mushaney said.

“I miss the sunshine, I need the sunshine, it’ll make it so much better!” Sheyenne Bogacz said.

Along with their lawn chairs – some festival-goers wrapped themselves in blankets while listening to tunes.

“I’m a southern girl, so 82 is my perfect temperature, but I’m glad to be here because it’s good for Chesterfield and it’s good for everybody!” Nishimura said.

And if the rain does decide to come and put a damper on the fun… some visitors say it’ll be the last thing to stop the party.

“We’re prepared to run to the car if we have to,” Mushaney said.

“No, we’ll stay here even if its storming like crazy, we’ll be right here,” Bogacz said.