UPS driver reaches milestone of 3 million miles driven

EARTH CITY, MO - With his hands at ten and two, Gary Bierbrauer is the gold standard when it comes to ups drivers.

'It`s 550 miles round trip every day,' says Gary Bierbrauer, UPS Feeder Driver.

Five days a week Bierbrauer will drive from Earth City, Missouri to Oak Grove, Kentucky and back.

Almost 600 miles a day, a lot of driving.

But nothing compared to how much he`s done in his 45 years with UPS.

'More than a million I guess,' says Bierbrauer.  'At least three.'

As in three million miles driven!

He started with the company in 1972 as a 22-year-old fresh out of the Army.

The ultimate defensive driver, when Bierbrauer is behind the wheel, he`s not afraid to use his horn.

'When you drive down the road and there`s a car or truck on the shoulder you get in the left hand lane and tap your horn because they may not see you get over but they`ll hear the horn,' says Bierbrauer.

As if Gary`s numbers aren`t impressive enough, there`s something else that makes his driving record incredible.

'No what?' asks Patrick Clark.

'No accidents,' says Bierbrauer.  'No reportable accidents, no DOT reportable accidents.  And that`s about it.  Just being safe.'

UPS has an estimated 102,000 drivers worldwide, and of those who have achieved 40 or more years without an accident, the company believes he`s one of only 90 people to hold such a record.

'Put the phones down,' says Bierbrauer.  'There`s more people on cell phones nowadays and following too close, not keeping any space between you or the sides of you.  In case something happens, you have a way out.'

For Bierbrauer, it`s a walk around visual inspection before every trip in a vehicle, then a check of the equipment; lights, tires, fuel before putting a foot on the pedal.

'Whether it`s a route in the city or some small town for a cup of coffee you just talk to the people,' says Bierbrauer.  'That`s another plus to the job.'

In addition, after 45 years with the same company, the seven weeks of vacation every year is another nice perk.