4 homeless persons attacked with hammer in abandoned school

ST. LOUIS – Saturday morning just north of downtown St. Louis 4 homeless people were beaten with a hammer as they slept in an abandoned school building.

Police say a homeless woman was critically injured in the attack, as someone allegedly beat her in the head with a hammer.

Authorities say the woman was inside the school with three other homeless persons, 2 men and one woman.

One of the victims to told Fox'2 Derrion Henderson the attack started after dispute over prescription drugs.

Authorities say the attack happened around 10:30 am this morning.

A witness said he saw the people coming out of the school bloody on stretchers.

All of them were taken to a hospital.

Our friends at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch report that homicide detectives were called to handle this investigation.

There`s no word right now on if police have any suspect in custody right now.