Lewis Bridge debate continues in St. Louis County

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CLAYTON, MO – A decaying bridge has turned into a political landmine in St. Louis County.

The St. Louis County Council took a step forward in replacing one bridge, but sent back to committee a plan to move forward on the Lewis Road Bridge.

Fox 2 has showed you the condition of that bridge before, and no one disputes it`s in bad shape.  MoDOT gives it a 2 percent rating out of a possible 100 percent score.  First responders have said they`ll only travel over the bridge for emergencies.   But some council members feel the bridge primarily benefits one man, the owner of a mansion and golf course.

County Executive Steve Stenger tells Fox 2 plans to repair the bridge were made well before he ever took office and that it`s the county`s responsibility to keep that road safe.

Stenger says a federal grant worth $750,000 is at stake if the county fails to approve a plan to repair the bridge.

On a separate note, the council did approve a plan to move forward on replacing the Allen Bridge.