Animal Imaging Center in Manchester offers one-of-a-kind pet scans

ST. LOUIS - The Animal Imaging Center in Manchester offers a special kind of CT scan for pet owners. It's called the 5G Cone Beam CT.

Dr. Michael Vitucci and Dr. Jen Vitucci joined us on FOX 2 News in the Morning with more.

5G Cone Beam CT offers more detail and manipulation than traditional X-rays, and is much faster than standard CT machines. It creates a 3D image that can be spun and manipulated to see different layers - or slices - and can have layers added or removed to get a different perspective.

According to the Vitucci's, there is a need for this type of technology so that families` pets have the best medical care possible. This technology allows them to see things they other scans may miss.

The service is affordable. It's roughly half the price of other centers in the area.

Animal Imaging Center
14010 Manchester Rd.
Manchester, MO 63011
(636) 220-3005