Gov. Greitens signs bill that bans mandating union working conditions on construction projects

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EARTH CITY, MO (KPLR) - Contractors on public projects in Missouri no longer have to pay workers union wages.

That was part of bill signed into law by Missouri Governor Eric Greitens in Earth City Tuesday.

That new bill means big changes for unions and contractors in the state.

Missouri Governor Eric Grietens and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and other officials stopped by Automation Service in Earth City to sign Senate Bill 182.  The bill will make it legal for non-union contractors not to pay union worker wages.

It also would ban project labor agreements or PLA`s with unions for projects.

Officials say it will even the playing field for all company's wanting to bid for public contracts.

The bill was sponsored by State Rep. Rob Vescovo and Senator Bill Onder.

If a city or county ignores the new law they can lose state funding and tax credits for 2 years.

That bill goes into effect on August 28th.

Fox 2 reached out to the Missouri Democratic Party tonight, and in a statement, they say: 

'Eric Greitens is rubbing salt in the wounds of working families by celebrating another attack on their paychecks. Scott Walker`s invitation only serves to show that Greitens is attacking local workers in order to impress big money and corporate donors from around the country."