St. Louis County Council meeting discusses MetroLink security

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO (KPLR) – Everyone involved in MetroLink security has created a plan to make the transportation system safer. At this point the agreement is a memorandum of understanding between MetroLink, St. Louis City and County and St. Clair County.

“We’re meeting with local jurisdictions and the law enforcement people to figure out the best plan on a region wide basis security on MetroLink,” said Metro CEO John Nations.

Some of the major points in the memorandum call for cross-deputizing of officers in the three different jurisdictions, law enforcement would be in charge of MetroLink securty, and they’re exploring the idea of installing barriers at platforms.

“If we get barriers right here, you’re going to cut down on riff raff,” said Connor O’Shay, MetroLink rider. “I don’t see why it hasn’t happened yet.”

MetroLink customer Paris Thompson added, “I’m glad they’re trying to do something about it. Hopefully it will change what’s going on.”

Two hours before Thursday’s meeting, county police said two men robbed a third man at gunpoint at the Clayton MetroLink stop. Authorities were alerted and two county officers riding the next train pulling into Clayton jumped out and, along with Clayton police, arrested the suspects quickly.

“I think the police officers in the immediate area when the call came is essential in the outcome we’re looking at right now, our department is committed to the safety of the MetroLink through the area,” said Officer Benjamin Granda, a spokesman for the St. Louis County Police Department.

The two suspects could be charged as early as Friday.

Meanwhile, authorities were still trying to catch the person responsible who fired eight shots into a MetroLink train in Fairview Heights. No one was injured in that incident.