Child injured at public park in Wellston; family says equipment is unsafe

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WELLSTON, MO (KPLR) – A Pagedale family says after their four-year-old daughter was injured on a public playground in Wellston.

Arie Graham said what should have been a fun day at the park for his daughter quickly became frightening and painful.

"She slipped and tried to catch herself … her hand got stuck and a bolt sliced it to the point where blood was pouring out," he said.

Graham’s daughter, Kimmora, received a nasty gash on her hand. She had to get seven stitches and spend the night in the hospital. The child's family claims the equipment is not safe and there should be warning signs in the park.

“You should feel safe to have kids play, whether it’s a swing, merry-go-round, or slide," Graham said.

Wellston Mayor Nathaniel Griffin said so far the family has not filed a complaint with authorities.

“Safety is our top priority and this park is pretty safe to this point,” he said. “I’m always at the park sitting around, making sure everything is ok. I’ve never seen anyone hurt here on the playground equipment. It’s a sad situation.”