Conservation Connection: Beckemeier Conservation Area

ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR)-You can immerse yourself in a forest or challenge yourself with a rugged trail right in the middle of Chesterfield! The Missouri Department of Conservation has over a thousand places across the state for you to go.

Dan Zarlenga talks about a hidden gem in St. Louis County.

The August G. Beckemeier Conservation Area is off of Olive Road in Chesterfield. It's about 1.3 miles north of Faust Park.

Beckemeier has a developed, natural-surface hiking trail loop just under a mile long. There are scenic views of the Missouri River Valley.

Things to do: 

• Picnicking
• Trail is great for exercise because it is pretty steep in parts and goes through forested portions and some open fields; easy to do multiple laps to increase the workout
• Great place to walk your dog (on a leash)
• Excellent for outdoor photography (birds and wildflowers)
• A good place for bird-watching

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