Belmar says voters will notice a difference with ‘Prop P’ passage

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CLAYTON, MO (KPLR) – Sixty-three percent of St. Louis County voters backed Prop P, approving a sales tax hike to boost the pay of county police officers and other public safety tools.

St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar and County Executive Steve Stenger were grateful to the public after the half-cent tax hike was overwhelming approved. They said the results show residents see public safety as a top priority.

Belmar said the extra money will pay for body cameras, dash cams, raises for officers, and new hires.

“First thing: 110 police officers for the St. Louis County Police Department,” Belmar said.

Stenger said the purpose of the proposition was to keep officers safe, as well as the community.

“Last night was one of those nights that you really got a chance to see the community rally around our police and I think that speaks volumes to trust that they place in our police,” he said.

The county executive said he can’t thank the public enough supporting those who protect and serve.

About $46 million is earmarked for St. Louis County public safety and the remaining $34 million will go to the county's 90 municipalities based on population.