Teens target unlocked vehicles in several St. Peters neighborhoods

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ST. PETERS, MO (KPLR) - Some young thieves have hit a neighborhood in St. Peters, and their actions are captured on a retired police officers home surveillance cameras.

The trio of thieves hit the wrong neighborhood when they decided to break into several vehicles in the middle of the night.  The residents may have been sleeping, but one homeowners’ surveillance cameras were at work with 16 cameras on his home.

The cameras caught the crime from every angle.

The thieves went from street to street and car to car in St. Peter's looking for unlocked doors.  When they stumbled on what they thought was a quiet cul de sac, they walked into the yard of a retired O’Fallon police officer who had more than a dozen cameras placed on every corner of his home.

After a neighbor told the officer someone had rummaged through her car, his video caught the thieves in action.

You see one of them leaning against a truck before he gets into the vehicle looking for valuables.

A total of 5 cars were hit on Phyllisaire Court. But the teens didn’t stop there, they hit 4 other streets.

Scott Walker, a resident in the area had this to say, “Crimes of opportunity.  It's unlocked, it's easy to get into. But they weren't scared of, right under a street light and they weren't worried about it”.

Walker's and his wife's cars were inside their locked garage, but they still feel violated.

A camera on the side of the house shows one of the thieves going through his stolen items just feet from the Walker's bedroom.

While bright lights didn't seem to stop the thieves, a neighbor’s motion detection light finally sent them running.  You can see the three taking off down the street with one holding his pants because he had so many stolen items in his pockets.

Scott Walker says this is a reminder that no city, no subdivision is completely safe, “If you leave your door unlocked parked in the driveway. Somebody is going to check the door handle.  I guarantee it.  I’ve seen it all the years I worked in law enforcement.”

The thieves mainly got away with loose change but one car was robbed of cash.  Another vehicle had a wallet and credit cards taken.

St. Peters police say they don’t have any suspects and are asking the public to call the department if they recognize the teens.