MLS stadium funding goes down in defeat

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) - Tuesday night 2 big money propositions that were on the ballot failed to garner enough votes by the residents of the City of St. Louis. Proposition 1 passed by a wide margin, but Proposition 2 lost by 3,240 votes thus dooming funding for proposed MLS stadium in downtown St. Louis.

The stadium was slated to be just west of Union Station on Market Street.

Proposition 1 was a half-cent sales tax increase expected to generate $20 million a year. Much of that money would be used for a major MetroLink extension and some would be used for other projects as well.  This proposition failed with the votes

Proposition 2 asks voters to approve $60 million to help build a new major league soccer stadium downtown near Union Station through a use tax increase.

Propositions one and two are linked.

Both must pass for the soccer stadium funding to move forward because the sales tax increase from Prop 1 would trigger the use tax increase in Prop 2.

If Prop 1 passes and Prop two fails, the use tax still increases but the extra money would go into the city`s general fund like it does now.