Homeless forced to find new shelter following the closing of the New Life Evangelistic Center

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) - It has been three days since the New Life Evangelistic Center was forced to close its doors. Meaning everyone who used to stay there has had to find a new place to go.

The New Life Evangelistic Center had been operating in St. Louis for 40 years, but without an occupancy permit for the past two years.

Last week a judge ordered that Larry Rice shut down the homeless shelter.

To accommodate the people that usually stay at Larry Rice’s shelter the City of St. Louis opened two temporary shelters. One for woman and children and the other for men. Each can house up to 75 people and they have both been at about capacity every night.

As a city-run shelter, Biddle House has been prepared to take in more people. A manager there said that they have had more people come through for lunch and dinner but that the shelter has been able to accommodate everyone.

He said they do expect to see more people as the weather gets warmer, which will determine if they have enough space.