Fans pay tribute to Chuck Berry at his statue in the Delmar Loop

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UNIVERSITY CITY, MO (KPLR) - Fans of rock & roll pioneer Chuck Berry continued to leave tributes at the feet of the music legend’s statue in the Delmar Loop Sunday.  Berry died at his St. Charles County home the day before.  He was 90.  Fans left flower, cards and notes around the statue.

“He was a pathfinder,” said John Hellmuth, a fan of Berry’s.  “He established rock and roll.”

Hellmuth and wife Carolyn brought their grandchildren to the statue and left flowers and a box of cookies around the statue as their way of paying respects to Berry.  Their grandchild listened to Berry’s music on a phone while they stood near the statue and danced.

Nicole Carpenter came to the statue to remember Berry because he performed with her father.

“He’s the real king of rock and roll,” said Carpenter.

John Herget’s father owned a St. Louis repair shop and said Berry was a customer.  Berry also agreed to teach Herget how to play guitar.

“He had a sweet and loving heart.  He’d give you the shirt off his back.  He was from St. Louis and he liked to keep the legacy here in St. Louis,” Herget said.

Fans say seeing Berry in person was an experience of a lifetime.

“You’re just in the presence of somebody who had done so much for music so you couldn’t help but take away just a good time,” said Doug Ruby.  “It’s just one of those rare concert experiences where you, everybody, you know you have a friend for two hours and then you go home.”