Mid-America airport close to breaking even for St. Clair County

MASCOUTAH, IL (KPLR) – After close to 20 years of deficits in the millions, Mid-America airport in St. Clair County is inching toward the break-even point.

That means this could be the first year that the airport loses less than a million dollars.

While it’s a stretch, Mid-America airport has lost as much as 7 to 8 million dollars a year over its 20-year history.

Still with empty concourse, no one`s ‘ticketing’ at the ticket counter and no bags to be claimed.  Mid-America still sees flight-less days.

But new non-stops to Fort Lauderdale and Myrtle Beach, Allegiant Airlines will have 25 weekly departures to three states and passengers coming through 7 days a week.

Those 25 departures is a big deal, as the number of flights rose 200% from 2015 to 2016.  Mid-America is suddenly handling 200,000 passengers a year.

Meanwhile the airport has expanded parking to 1,200 free parking spaces.

Last year the airport ran a $1.3 million-dollar deficit.