Rauner will sign-off on IL senate budget plan, with some conditions

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SPRINGFIELD, IL (KPLR) - Governor Bruce Rauner says he'll sign a senate plan to end the state's nearly 2-year budget deadlock as long as it meets a few conditions.

Rauner delivered his budget address Wednesday, and says he is open to a permanent income tax increase to 5 percent as long as it comes with a permanent freeze on property taxes.

Rauner also says he's willing to expand the sales tax to some currently untaxed services as long as groceries and medicine aren't taxed.

He also wants some non-budget changes in the plan like changes to the worker's compensation system.

Sen. James Clayborne/(D) Belleville: "We need more Republicans to get on board in the Senate and say it's a tough vote for all of us. But if neither side is totally happy, we probably have the best peace of legislation at this point in time that we could have."

Illinois is staring down a more than $5-billion-dollar deficit this summer and has more than $11-billion-dollars in unpaid bills.