Mother of missing Berkeley woman shares Facebook video

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BERKELEY, MO (KPLR) - Regina Sykes posted a video on social media Sunday about the difficulties of everyday life since her daughter Monica went missing from her Berkeley home in October.

"Yesterday was pretty rough for our family" Sykes said in the video.  "Today I'm kind of just slowly moving through the motions today".

The video comes just one day after human remains were discovered in a wooded area in Kinloch.  It was the same area where local and national search crews had spent the day looking for 25-year-old Monica Sykes.

"We don't know anything more today than that there were human remains of a female found in Kinloch yesterday" Sykes said in the video.  "This is still a long process. There is no determination that that is Monica".

Berkeley police aren't saying anything about the investigation.  Meanwhile, the national Texas Equusearch Organization says their search for Monica has been suspended.

"We've been very successful as far as the cases that we've done" said Dave Radder with Equusearch.  "We've found many of bodies and we've also found them alive so there's good and the bad to every story" he said.

"I don't know if it is my child, I pray to God that it is not, but I also pray that whoever this person is, I pray for their family too" Sykes said.  "Today, I still, regardless the circumstances, I still trust in God, I still remain prayerful and our family is still holding it together" she said.