64-pound pot bust in Vandalia, Illinois

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VANDALIA, IL (KPLR) - The locals know it as the former state capitol of Illinois. But Monday evening, the small town of Vandalia made a very big bust, as the home of the Vandals caught some criminals.

“For our area, that’s a large amount of marijuana, I think for any area,” said Jeff Ray, Vandalia Chief of Police. “You’re probably talking $350,000 of street value, I would say.”

Ray said a disturbance at an area hotel led authorities to detect an odor of marijuana, which led to the discovery of three duffel bags filled with 64 pounds of pot.

“I think it’s one of those things with other states legalizing marijuana, we’re liable to see more traffic and it still is illegal in Illinois to possess that,” Ray said.

While Illinois is in the early stages of medicinal marijuana use, Ray said someone caught without a prescription holding less than 10 grams is considered a petty offense. However, someone holding 64 pounds (equivalent to 29,000 grams) would face felony charges.

So what happens next to the big bags of marijuana in the middle of the Midwest?

“That’s a good question,” said Ray. “Incinerate it in an incinerator or whether it’s buried, we’ll have to see. We’ve never destroyed that large of an amount before.”