Multiple businesses in Soulard broken into overnight

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) - The owners of Howard's in Soulard say criminals broke into their restaurant and bar overnight and they have the surveillance video to prove it.

Surveillance video shows the moment two men who appear to be wearing masks approach the building on 13th street in Soulard.  You can then see them bust through the door, triggering the alarm, and running through the business.

"They looked around a little bit, went down the steps here- assuming maybe trying to find cash- didn't find anything, they did all of this with the alarm going off  and were in and out in about two minutes" said co-owner Jennifer Jones.

Jones and her co-owner, Judith Howard, shared their surveillance images and video on social media with neighbors and to their surprise found out they weren't the only business hit overnight.

"I know of one other bar where they actually tried to crow bar open one of the cash drawers that had a key in it" said Howard.  "We keep ours open to show that there's nothing in it" she said.

"We are a tight knit family here" Jones said.  "We've had a recent string of crime here in a six block radius quite frankly and we have to rally around those businesses and those neighbors and try to drive safety in our communities" she said.

Nothing was taken or severely damaged at Howard's, with the exception of the door frame which has already been replaced.  The owners say while it's unfortunate that anyone would break into their or any other business, what the criminals couldn't break into were their spirits.

"This pretty much strengthens us to the point where people were on my Facebook today saying why don't you find them and get them to work and earn their keep type of situation" said Howard.

Ninth Street Deli in Soulard posted on Facebook that they were the victims of an overnight break-in as well.  Mission Taco Joint in Soulard also confirms they were broken into overnight.