MoDOT looks to keep traffic moving, with no repeat of Friday’s mess

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TOWN AND COUNTRY, MO (KPLR) – MoDOT is hoping to avoid a repeat of last night`s mess when some drivers were stuck in traffic for hours.

MoDOT workers are keeping a close eye on the roads and the weather conditions, But when temperatures drop into single digits there`s not a whole lot road crews can do to make a difference.

MoDOT tells us the interstates were pre-treated Friday, but the combination of moisture, heavy traffic and dropping temperatures added up to traffic nightmares.

The concern for Saturday and Sunday is that we could see a repeat of Friday’s mess.

Drivers are also asked to take a few extra precautions because of the possibility of single digit temperatures.

MoDOT plans on being fully staffed not just tonight, but through the morning as well because of the extreme cold.