Both families feeling pain, as 13-year-old pleads guilty to shooting couple at Kings Beauty

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BELLEFONTAINE NEIGHBORS, MO (KPLR) – The 13-year-old girl who shot and critically injured a couple working at Kings Beauty plead guilty and will spend the next three years in the Missouri juvenile system.

The victim’s daughter said that her parents, who are in their 70's are in constant pain.

She said doctors just told her father that a hole that he has in his back from the shooting cannot be fixed.

On July 19th after being kicked out of King Beauty a 13-year-old girl walked back in and shot the Korean couple working at their daughter’s store.

After pleading guilty to the shooting, the shooter's family apologized to the victims and their family.

The shooters father and aunt said they knew the teen was troubled and tried to get her help.

Now they are trusting that the juvenile system will provide her the help she needs.

In the meantime, the daughter of the victims said her parents are not recovering well.

They cannot walk without assistance and her father has critical lung damage.

She said hospital visits happen almost weekly

Right now, the toughest part is that her parents are in extreme pain and having to deal with the fact that they will never fully heal.

Hospital bills are mounting for the victim’s daughter, but she said she wants to donate some of her own money to help troubled teen.